My Current Winter Favorites | 2014


Enjoy my loves! Stay tuned to how three of you can win a ton of my favorite things in an upcoming holiday giveaway 🙂

Products Mentioned:
Boscia-Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil
Lancer The Method:Cleanse Blemish Control
Forreo Luna Mini
Glam Glow Mud Mask
Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub
Sigma Brushes
BH Cosmetics Contour Blush and Highlight Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Too Faced Natural Eyes
Nars Eyeshadow Duo-Isolde
Urban Decay Lip Liner: Naked 2
Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots
Plaid Scarves
Rebeca Minkoff Mini Mac Purse
Instax Polaroid Camera
Alex & Sierra Album


What i am wearing:

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  1. first things first you´re awesome, I always enjoy your videos! The plaid scarf from target you showed looks a lot like the one i got for this fall and winter 😀 it's like the best scarf ever, I literally live in this scarf, I wear it as often as I can, because it's so warm and comfy, just like a blanket 😀 

  2. You are amazing! You just seem so down to earth and I don't know sometimes youtubers seem to exaggerate how much they like things or their feelings but you are so sincere. Plus I love how you are economically reasonable and totally relatable! Love you!

  3. Could you do a what's in my bag with your Rebeca Minkoff ? i want to get one but it's not available in stores in my country and I want to make sure i'll have enough space to take everything i need with me.

  4. I gotta say you're one of my favorite youtubers. You have a wide range of themes not just makeup tutorials etc.. Always down to earth and you don't overkill your makeup, It's always natural. Keep it up!

  5. Having watched you for months you look like an amazing, down to earth person. I really really wish you would watch Forks Over Knives because you're exactly the kind of person who would benefit from it so much! If you do watch it, thank you thank you thank you!

  6. i love your scarf and your sweter! i wach all your videos! im from Argentina and here it's summer right now so i would like to know which is the best cream for legs please answer me!! you're the best! love u xxx

  7. OMG! I've been trying to remember who do you remind me of when you speak and and it finally came to my mind! The way you move your lips and the way you speak is SO similar to Kristin Cavallari!! Finally figured it out, it was driving me crazy! Haha lots of love beautiful!

  8. Tess You are so Beautiful and indeed my favourite youtuber!!! 🙂 
    Have you ever thought about dying your hair roots blond again 🙂 would really suite you<3

  9. Hi @Tess Christine ! I saw on twitter that you would do a holiday giveaway soon and i just wanted to know if it is going to be an international one ? 🙂 Thank youu ( from France ) !! 

  10. Ahh I love your videos (especially you and Patrick, you two are so adorable together). And oh my gosh you look so much like Ariana Grande, one of the first videos I watched of you, I honestly thought it was her!

  11. Try Paula's Choice products – reasonably priced and really good. The BHA lotion (the one that "shrinks pores") is apparently really good!

  12. I just bought the same Rebeca Minkoff bag and I was wondering if you put any sort of protection on it? I was thinking about putting a leather protecting spray (for shoes) but I'm not sure if it will be as good for the bag as it is for shoes.


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