My everyday hair routine! |2016


Hey guys! So I don’t normally do these types of videos but you really requested it and wanted to know how I like to style my short hair so here it is! I hope you guys enjoyed my links and coupon codes will be below xx

—-Matthew 6:33—-

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  1. i am in LOVE with ur hair …. my hair is the same lenth and i've been looking for a hairstyle for EVER so thank u sooooooo much for making this video ur AMAZING 😊😊😊

  2. The thing I really like about kelsey simone is she embraces her imperfections (the part of me where I am really insecure about) and she doesn't care what others think.

  3. I have naturally thick, straight(very very straight) black hair, and I can not curl it no matter what I do. Like, it'll stay for 30 minutes, then it'll become straight again.

  4. can you make a video of what hairstyles you do with your naturally curly hair cause the only thing I do with my curly hair is half up half down for school . Like I cant use any other hairstyle which is kinda boring after awhile. Like is there a type of hairstyle that i can do for my curly hair that will make me look good but it looks like i took 3 minutes to do. I have medium length hair. And most hairstyles that they show on youtube always look good for people with straight hair and as much i want to straighten my hair my mom doesnt allow me to do it, im 16. Helllppp Kelseyyyyyy ploxxxxx


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