My perfume collection!


Perfumes mentioned:
Beyonce Heat
Mark Jacobs Oh Lola
Burberry Body
Viva la juicy
Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice
YSL Parisienne
Mark Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh
The body shop Vanilla
Victorias secret Incredible
CHANEL Chance – Eau Tendre
Vera Wang Princess
Ghost Deep night
Illamasqua Freak
Benefit So hooked on Carmella
Miss Dior cherie
Kenzo Amour
Diesel Loverdose
Aqualina Pink sugar
Harajuku G
Ralph lauren Ralph
212 VIP

What im wearing:
Top – Rokit
Lips – NYX lip creme in Antwerp
Necklace – Topshop concession (cant remember the name! =[ )
Nails – Topshop Celestial


  1. Two of your fragrances I already have and love. That's Marc Jacobs: Oh Lola! and Chanel's: Chance. Same thing you have. I notice EVERYONE on youtube favorite perfume collection have Auqolina's Pink Sugar or Pink Sugar Sensual. I am definitely trying both. And another one I see a lot is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabana. Daisy's by Marc Jacob, and Miss Dior. I need to ketch up on my collection. Thanks! Nice video.

  2. I usualy onlt buy mists or splashes sinces perfume costs so much. I only own a few perfumes: Meow and Purr by Katy Perry, Curious by Britney Spears, Sensual Amber Bath&bodyworks, Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor swift, Exclamation, Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder, Dreams by Mariah Carey

  3. Hello! I liked your video. My favourite perfumes are: Avril Lavigne: Forbidden Rose, Dior: Midnight Poison, Paco Rabanne: Black XS Exces, Guess: Girl Belle, Calvin Klein: Eternity, Christian Lacroix: Absynthe and Bruno Banani: Dangerous Woman. I recommend them.

  4. my top 3 are J'adore-Dior( it was my first perfume)
                       Opium-YSL(i like the deeper/rich smell and reminds me of my mom)
                       Miracle- Lancome( what can i say….i just love it)

  5. Tip: don't rub the perfume! it actually makes it last less. You're suppose to spray it after a shower (lasts a lot longer!) or just directly on skin but NEVER rub.

  6. I have Harajuku Lovers 'G' too. I don't know where to get it aside ebay. Do you have suggestions for a dupe? 
    I did a perfume collection as well on my channel.
    Has the Harajuku lovers perfume stopped so to speak 

  7. I love sweet perfumes too! Does anyone know the name of the one that she said smelled like candy floss? Was in a see through bottle with lots of pink stripes arpund it! Sounds just like one i would love, i want to try it out!! Xx

  8. I absolutely love perfume collection videos!!! I have Vera Wang princess and viva la juicy. I love how awesome they smell. I just uploaded my perfume collection video so if anyone wants to come check it out, it would be greatly appreciated! xxx

  9. Thank you! Loved the reviews (they were actually helpful) love the bottles, and love your eyeliner. I hate it when people applied eyeliner messy, it's like a pet peeve for me cuz I feel like telling them to fix it but I cant

  10. We have almost the same collection.  Nice video! I actually tried Burberry Body because of this video, and I absolutely love it.  Chance Eau Tendre is my favorite perfume ever though. We have good taste =)

  11. I used thicko purely for the brain dead idiot doing the video! If I'd of used a more imaginary word like dence or mind numbingly illiterate I don't think she would of understood! Now stop hating me looser! 😂

  12. perfume is NOT expensive if you know where to get it. I will never and have never paid full price on any perfume that means NO DEPARTMENT STORES!!!! Those will rob you fo your money, Groupon has perfume 50-80% off, its unreal how awesome their deals are. and You can also find amazing deals on Ebay and Amazon, but be careful and read reviews, do not buy from any seller that has negative reviews, positive reviews only.

  13. I am so dirt poor I can't get a perfume collection. Perfume is my favorite thing EVER! I can't wait till I get successful one day so I can get myself this.

  14. I lOVE this video from you so much, I rewatch it just to see how you describe the scents, so adorable! and I enjoyed it, and it makes me wonder and crave about perfumes more!


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