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  1. I love your videos, you're so motivating and inspiring! Also where is your mauve robe from in the bathroom clips of you packing skincare stuff and getting ready? I'm obsessed with it!!! Xoxo

  2. GYST videos I love are days that you are productive getting ready for the next week, meal prep, cleaning, organizing, taking Bentley for walks, and sharing recipes and workouts!

  3. Kalyn you helped me so much with your GYST videos, you have no idea! 🙂 I totally copied you with writing in journals in general and especially the "finances"-journal – helps me so much to save money and have everything under control. <3 I love the vibe of your videos, they are always inspiring, doesn't matter if it's a vlog where you're just being at home or a beautiful travel vlog. 🙂 sending you love from Germany :-*

  4. I really enjoy your yoga clips in your videos! And I’m always impressed because you’re saying that you are a beginner but you do all those crazy poses haha! It motivate me in my yoga journey 🙂

  5. Ooohhh i love this Video. Always amazing to see your personal and individual and unique Vibes. You inspired me to Start doing Yoga 1 or 2 times a week, it feels so good! And i have one question where can i find a pillow like you use to sit on everytime ? 🙂

  6. I love your videos and everythig about you. But is it just me? Becose am starting to be a little bit scared about your weight. And maybe it's normal but to me it look's quite unhealthy… Take care love you♥️

  7. fyi “its a 10” is cruelty free (which does not include insects) but not vegan. It has silk in it (which its debateable among the vegan community as to whether the boiling if silk worms for thier silk cocoons is actually cruelty free)…not judging just informing…i know this because i used to use it too :/

  8. These videos always inspire me to get up and start working through my todo list! Could you please do a vid on things that you’ve noticed make a big difference in energy levels? I always feel exhausted even when I’m getting enough sleep 😴

  9. Could you film a video of how you learned your yoga poses? I keep trying and following other videos but I can’t seem to do it. Love your channel by the way!! 🌻🌷

  10. oh shi* i just saw your video about self love from 7.1.2017 and you was like disco ball reflecting love and now you are very skinny and your smile looks different then i need to ask are you still loving yourself? it was first time i saw your videos but i see big change.
    i want to know if you can look sadder from outside but still be happy inside?

  11. You should do a grocery haul! 🙂 I know it`s not your style of video, but maybe you can fit it into a vlog or gyst day. I know you just did a fridge tour but the last time you did a grocery haul was a year or two ago.

  12. Girl next time you need to clean out your fridge before a trip, freeze the bread (pop in toaster when you want to eat it later), and greens can be frozen too then you just add them to smoothies!! No wasting necessary 🙂

  13. I love your videos I have a couple YouTubers I always make sure to watch and you are one of them. I've been wondering what are your kitchen essentials because your meals always look so yummy 🙂

  14. pls do a video on how to GYST when doing what you do. it is so hard to keep life organised and less stressful and more happy. also what exactly do you do anyway except Youtube of course.

  15. The amount of swearing, random cat growling and armpit hair in the first 3 minutes really speaks to me. This is why I come here. Yous got some quality, classy shit girl. 😘

  16. Omg I love you so much, it’s finals week and just watching this it is so motivational. Thank you so much. I’ve been watching you for years and finally decided to comment and all. 💕💕💕

  17. Can you please do a #GYST routine for kind of trying to find motivation going into the new week when the week that has passed hasn’t been the most productive, if you know what I’m saying?♥️

  18. I would love if you would do some food mealprep gyst videos also with recipes. I've recently ventured into the vegetarian land and I really like it but I don't have that many recipes so it's kind of boring pretty quick

  19. I love the safe space you created with your channel❤❤ It helps me out so much with my anxiety. I'd love a gyst video about job changes, relocation, moving on from a past relationship

  20. rn I just need a general hard core GYST, because I've been literally just doing revision for exams and after they're over I'm going to have to re organise my life for sixth form! It's a bit early now but maybe a back to school GYST then?

  21. What website do you use to edit your videos ? I’ve started a blog and I have been wanting to create my own videos or at least try to.. just curious where you edit yours because they’re always so nicely put together


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