My SECRET to buying LUXURY Items…..


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| Psalms 145:18 |


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  1. This video is an ad for therealreal and its a scam company, i just checked their instagram page, the comments of people being ripped off and complaints about CS are alll over

  2. I thought she uploaded early because she was excited but it’s because this is an ad. Also, the real real isn’t the best for co-signing, they do not give you a good price for selling your items. And sometimes their prices are unreasonable. There are other business that would be better

  3. I love consignment too! I used to work in a consignment boutique and now just love shopping there! Will be selling some of my things and shopping there for my b-day next month!

  4. Hi Kelsey, do you have a video that shows the real real shop in NYC and/or LA? I’m very curious! And yes please, more tips are always welcome! 😘

  5. Highly effective video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to run across this kind of content. We create Travel & Food shows too, all around the world, and also we are always searching for inspirations and perhaps approaches. Thank You.


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