Natural Butt Lift | POP Pilates Song Challenge!


This is a fun, super effective, home workout that will lift your booty and round out your butt in just a few minutes a day! The song I’m using is “Run Away with Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen:

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  1. This is definitely one of my top three workouts, I always come back to this one first if I ever have long breaks from working out, hearing "run away with me" in stores reminds me to get back to working out!

  2. After weeks and weeks of not working out and having my booty look and feel like it's flat, wide, & big, I turn to THIS PARTICULAR WORKOUT because IT WORKS EVERY TIME! I get my lifted booty after only one round! My favorite go-to butt workout!! You're awesome, Cassey! <3<3<3

  3. damn these really work, i used to have a bubble butt and i was always slightly thick but doing these along with squats every 2/3 days then take a rest day and eattt!! this has changed my body shape . my booty POPS out and looks grabbable and looks good IN ANY pair of pants, its almost heart shaped. it is so damn lifted!!! ladies do these!!!

  4. UPDOS! Lots of top knots, big buns, and when all else fails, put a hat on it, and OWN IT! It's SO crazy that u mentioned ur roots because I swear to god i was JUST thinking about mine, and how I've put it off for WAAAAYYYY too long, but oh well. Tomorrow is my bday, and if I wash it today, i'd have to do it tomorrow, and that's really NOT how I want to spend my bday at all! So my advice should be taken under advisement because i am going through the EXACT same thing! Plus, I need a cut, too! But for now, I'll have to stick to what I call my Tinkerbell, which basically is what it's named after, and it is super easy to do and looks really cute, too. Just pull your hair into a high ponytail, and then you pull the hair through on the second loop, and fluff it out. It sounds WAY harder than it is, and I use old pantyhose instead of rubber bands cuz they don't break my hair or leave dents. One more thing that looks great on grown out roots is BRAIDS, PLAITS, whatever you call em, they are really good at concealing demarcation lines. And like I said, when all else fails, put on a cute, slouchy beanie with a pom pom, and trust me, NO ONE is going to notice anything but your amazing body and super cute hat! Thx Cassey and have a great week!

  5. As Always
    Does anyone have any tips for keeping hips stable during fire hydrants? I always find myself compensating with the opposite hip flexor for balance and I want to make sure I am doing this move properly so I don't strain or hurt!
    Thanks xoxoxo

  6. For some reason I just get really tired but I don't feel the burn. I'm making sure my pose is correct but I still don't feel the burn I just get exhausted. Anyone have any advice?😕

  7. I was working out almost daily but I stopped around two weeks ago. Im trying to get back into the routine…. I'm regretting everything right now. The pain was real

  8. I'll be sure to keep on working out on my butt on tomorrow since my butt is slightly improving now just gotta keep going some more thks Cassey looks my buns are finally responding time to keep it rolling on tomorrow and to PUSH IT UP A NOTCH YEAAAHHH CANT TO WAIT SEE YOU TOMORROW >:D

  9. omg im 11 years old and im doing 4 of your workout vids everyday (including this one) i have a goal of doing them everyday for a month! i love you cassie<33

  10. Taking today to shock my muscles bc my routine got too tedious after three months . So I got this video in, along with other videos I don't normally do and I'm SO happy that I'm fit enough to get through these now! You are such an inspiration and you shall go down in fit history I JUST KNOW IT !

  11. I don’t pause but boy do I yell f words at you 😍 and imagine words that begin with F are you about to say Five more or Four more and those starting with T are Three more or Two more…and I curse you more when they are not. 😍


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