NCT 2018 Yearbook #2


NCT Official


  1. I love them ALL and Ten is my ult bias, BUT HOLY SHIT, I lost my breath and was utterly flustered at 1:12, LIKE GAHDAMN LUCAS, the bass drop, the aesthetic, that smirk tf 😫

  2. Yearbook #1 : it reminds me of dove commercial
    Yearbook #2 : it reminds me about all the brands such as chanel, louis vuitton, guess, gucci, supreme, etc

    Wow….jaehyun, jeno, and johnny are so hot 😍

  3. Mom: Honey how many months will you get your yearbook?!


    Me: ma, I have my own here….
    These were my closest friends since elementary to high mom…so can you please?…

  4. So I wanted to listen to this song, searched up the title, and was aboutta listen to audio only when I realized I could listen AND see 18 whole ass visuals at the same time so I came here

  5. Sorry but SM, seriously?
    Let me tell you it's already September which means there's only 4 months left in this year
    And yearvbook 2019 hasn't been released
    Wow impressssssseeeedddddd


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