Need For Speed Heat Feels Like The Dying Light of Racing Games


Need For Speed Heat’s hook feels more like Dying Light than any of Its petrol-head peers.

13 minutes of Need For Speed Heat Gameplay:

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  1. So let me get this straight. You can only earn reps at night and banks at daylight? Or is it that you earn both day and night but with less quantity depending on the ToD?

  2. I now officially feel like ign has no say anywhere in the gaming community with this sort of criticism for nfsheat. When I watch gameplay I can feel how I enjoyed the last 2 nfsgames x3… also I'm drunk so say what you want

  3. They better give us a be the cop DLC or an upcoming cop vs racer game. Him mentioning Hot Pursuit made me realize it's been nearly 10 years since we've had a decent entry in that series.

  4. Still waiting for underground 3! See how call of duty brought back modern warfare and everyone in they momma going to get in. All ea has to do is the same. That also goes for battlefield bad company 3!

  5. This game has the wrong title, looks more like Midnight Club than NFS. NFS Underground will never make a comeback if this is the direction theyve chosen. NFS U2 still the champ.

  6. Hey ign, have you ever considered using an original description for a game rather than using other games as comparison. Or is that the “dark souls” of gaming journalism for you?

  7. i think that nfs 2015 and payback were just experimentations to see what the players would like and hate about the ideas and then heat is the final product with the best of both games


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