New Apex Legends Mode Will Let You Swap Characters At Will – IGN Daily Fix


In today’s Daily Fix: Apex Legends is getting a training mode, Martin Scorsese doubles down on his comments about Marvel moves, and Venom and Spidey may be headed for a showdown. Roll the thing!


  1. Guys PLEASE GIMMIE SUM VIEWS 😂😂 I’m trying sooooooooo hardddd and I’m really committed to my channel and the grind!!! I have some crazy gameplay going up tomorrow and would really appreciate it if you guys subbed or have my channel and videos a chance , I promise I’ma keep going , Thanks for reading and your time ♥️

  2. it already had a training mode. lmao do yall actually play the games for real? its just a minor update on the training mode. how is this news at all lol

  3. That’s how you know IGN doesn’t play games they review if they don’t even know the game has had a training mode since the beginning and this is just a small update.


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