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Nintendo will discontinue the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition and the last shipments will go out to retailers throughout this month.

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  1. I wish Sega still pushed out hardware, at least they cared about their fan base whereas Nintendo nickel and dime you every moment they get. let this be a lesson learned, hold on to ALL your consoles because there's gonna be some nostalgic revisit to those machines eventually. still have my nes, SNES, genesis, dreamcast (I ❤ this console dearly), ps1,ps2, ps3. it would be cool to see Sony pick up the ball Nintendo dropped and release a PS classic with some of the greatest hits already installed….Sony this is your que.

  2. I used to collect games, but stopped because of crap like this. my brother, who's as casual about gaming as possible, wanted one of these MONTHS before they released. I knew Nintendo, so I told him "You better order one the SECOND it gets posted because Nintendo is notorious for creating artificial scarcity". Lowe and behold I was right, they made like 2 and nobody got one – including my brother. He didn't care, said it wasn't worth it and moved on. Just like any sane, non scumbagy person would do.

  3. Its COMMON sense why they are.. Nintendo SWITCH virtual console.. This is why they are doing it.. They want people to get a switch to play these games.. Makes sense for Nintendo to do this

  4. Don't even try to act offended. Nintendo can take a dump in your mouth,and you will still go "Nintendo is awesome and is my childhood so everything is forgiven". How are they still afloat? Constant shitty and outdated games,horrible business decisions,treating fans like enemies etc.

  5. Alright guys, I'm not sure how reliable this information is but hear me out. Apparently a gamestop employee who works very closely with the Nintendo reps has confirmed on the radio that Nintendo IS making more of these consoles, a wave two if you will. Plus, the wave two consoles will have the ability to play the old NES cartridges we have buried in our attic. This is supposedly coming out this holiday season

  6. So Nintendo sees that their product is selling so well that they're out of inventory, and there thought process is "let's stop making that". I love Nintendo but i am not blind to the fact that they make some of the dumbest business decisions I've ever seen!

  7. I just picked up the last one in Denver. Literally tried 3 stores that had 6 in stock and finally got lucky with one. It's all thanks to BrickSeek. Use it to see if you can get lucky.

  8. Well this could get interesting since I decided in January that I would not purchase a switch until I could walk into a store and buy a classic instead of subjecting myself to a scalping.

  9. Its obvious that Nintendo doesn't care about what the people want. The only reason Nintendo even bothered with the NES Classic Edition is because they wanted back-up money in case the switch failed. But since the switch is doing pretty well Nintendo doesn't want to divide their attention on a separate console.

  10. With Nintendo drinking the managed scarcity Kool-Aid with NES Classic and the Switch, you would think that they envision FINDING the damn thing to be a game in and of itself.

  11. Not good. I never found this in a walk in store. Proof that Nintendo offers limited supplies on purpose to build anticipation, supply/demand as they did with the Wii, etc. But why they're discontinuing it, possibly because they're too expensive to manufacture vs price offered, or the focus on the Switch. A deluxe version with 101 games would be nice.

  12. well good job Nintendo. don't know about the rest if you but I'm done with Nintendo,. i can't believe the are willing to do this to there fans. they are the EA of video game consoles. I'm going to pass on the switch now I'm sick of Nintendo.

  13. Very odd… Makes you wonder if they are going to go even bigger & reproduce the original NES w/ carts & such. People want this either more or just as bad as the Switch.

  14. Switch releases
    Everyone: YAAAAAAAY
    NES Classic Edition is confirmed to be discontinued
    Everyone: WTF Nintendo, why would you do this despite me not even wanting the NES Classic?!

  15. It's sad that Nintendo is discontinuing a classic game system. I don't think I'll ever understand why. It's so popular and everyone wants one. I wanted one too and hoped to get one for my birthday this year (which is the 27th of this month). Since Nintendo is discontinuing, I won't be getting one (it's still hard to find).

    Well it's not a total loss since I do own the Original NES. The system I have is old and doesn't always run the games. I just need to clean it, but I want to find the right cleaning solutions for it. The last thing I want to do is break this old NES system. I've seen people clean their NES systems with many different things (Mother's Mag Polish, Brasso Polish or Brass Polish, Rubbing Alcohol, Rubber Erasers, Sand Paper which I'll never use) but I'm not sure which one to go with. Hopefully the NES I have just needs to be cleaned and no damage was done to the 72 bit pin connector. I'd hate to have to replace it. For anyone that owns the original NES, just clean and/or replace the 72 pin connector (if the old pin connector is damaged).

    Anyways, it's a shame that Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. I really believed that they were onto something with this. A lot of people can't afford the newest/latest systems Nintendo launched (like the Nintendo Switch), but the NES Classic Edition was affordable and everyone seems to enjoy playing the classics. Nintendo could have made a big fortune with this. It's just bizarre that they now want to launch the Super NES Classic Edition this Christmas instead of continuing the NES Classic Edition. Nintendo should at least give the NES Classic Edition a year before discontinuing (just saying).

  16. Ok I'm a younger Nintendo fan and I would have loved to have one of these and I think it's a stupid decision that they discontinued it. And although they are making an SNES classic I would have loved to have the NES classic and SNES classic because I like the NES classic better. and my parents would never buy me an NES classic for $200 like let's be real here. like this comment if nintendo should sell the SNES classic along side the NES classic it would be awesome if they did that.


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