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Development on No Man’s Sky has officially wrapped.

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  1. PSA: Whenever a game is announced without a release date, online retailers just put the last day of the year as a placeholder. No Man's Sky releases on Aug 9th but some sites may not have changed it yet.

  2. Wish this was coming to xbox as well : (
    I understand there's sometimes a perfect explanation and it makes it pretty much impoosible to release on both… I just cant justify getting both consoles myself.
    Its a shame when a good chunk of console owners miss out on some epic games just because a deal was struck or something. Whether you own either console.

    Disclaimer: I didn't buy a console for the best hardware i bought it for ease, i mostly play multi platform games, the controllers fit better in MY hands with the thumbsticks and stuff, and xbox just happens to be the user interface i prefer, the ps4's has definitely improved now imo though.

  3. Honestly, No Man's Sky is the most stupid game I have ever heard of. How is it even a game? ppl are getting hyped by random generated planets and fake animals which they can put name tags on. Such gameplay, much excitement!!!

  4. Honestly I'm still kind of upset that it got delayed mainly because I wanted to play it over the summer before school started back again but I'm happy that we will indefinitely be getting it August 9th and I'm just glad it wasn't pushed back any farther

  5. For those unfamiliar with he term, going gold means the files are locked, no more changes (except through updates), ready to be mass produced.The term comes from the game being put onto a disk that would be sent to a manufacturer for mass production, all other game disks would be identical copies of that one disk. While its no longer done this way, its a tradition to still burn the files on a disk to celebrate the occasion.
    Congrats Hello Games on this major milestone, we can't wait to play it! 😀

  6. Glad to hear it's doing fine. Get to sit back and watch others play it as I have an Xbox One…. points gun at head Ahaha, no not yet, at least that gives me time to save up money for a PS4.

  7. Honestly, I love love love sandbox games, I love exploring games, I love building games, I've tossed many hours in Scrap Mechanics, Minecraft, 7 days to die, Ark all by myself every single one, but this game…. just sounds boring which depresses me.

    Each game I said before had a defined goal before I even played it. I knew what I was getting into from the gameplay and trailer previews. Even if the goal wasn't conventual like "Build this or kill that, Go here" there was a "Hey this is what it is, theses are your tools go have fun, you can see and do everything" This game is just "Yea, some of that but here's a Pokedex and now go start cataloging things of which by the way you'll never achieve an atom's fraction of info" and you know how you can interact with everyone you want to in those games, you can do that here, but only with those annoying text pop-ups like you see when you jump a ramp so many feet and you see how everyone close to you beat you by 0.001 ft, that's our multiplayer.

    Sadly that's about the only thing that interests me on this game is the "Factions, and trading and joining groups" because I hold some nugget of hope that in those said activities that I can find a friend and not just another nameless NPC who offers no more that "Collect theses for me" Like a Trade Federation of a universal group has a Hub somewhere in the out rim of whatever that we could meet there. I mean, the game is about exploration, but there's no Star Trek style community where there is a Central HUB for communication.

    But what gets my goat the most is "Yea we have multiplayer, but if you want to play my game for that, go away and buy someone else's game"

    I feel like the PC version will have the easiest time with these since there is probably gonna be someone who makes an engine that gathers the recent download of the star map, see's all the recently named stars and planets, allows you to type up your friends newest planet, and then adjusts your coordinates to that space.

  8. My most anticipated game of many years. Can't wait to just explore this game and fly around aimlessly looking for a planet to land on to. I think people may expect too much from this game but if your expectations are of a simple fun sci fi space sim then you shouldn't be disappointed.

  9. I really appreciate hello games. Not only have they tried their absolute hardest with this game, they love their fans and aren't money grabbers! Everybody waiting for no mans sky probably loved to hear that this game has finished whereas like call of duty, they just tell us a realease date and it comes out. Hello games love updating us and love telling us news because they really care! They wouldn't have delayed it if they didn't care! Really appreciate hello games thanks for making this beautiful game cannot wait to play it<3


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