No Man’s Sky Players Create a Cyberpunk-Themed Base and It’s Stunning


Replicant City is a Cyberpunk-themed No Man’s Sky base built by creators: ERBurroughs, jchysteria, Action-Pants-Gaming, and Boid-Gaming. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel for more updates to the build as No Man’s Sky: Beyond approaches!

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  1. I love this game but its almost unplayable once you get a moderate size base started. I have a small city started and when i get near it my fps tanks so bad its unplayable. So sad because this is a fun game.

  2. Mark, and IGN, Thank you for the feature, and giving props to all involved! I truly hope you all like this and check our channels to get cords roughly a week after Beyond drops!

  3. Imagine the potential! Soon we could build asteroid bases and space stations. We also could not rule out the possibility of player made factions and a player made galactic war where we could capture systems.

  4. Oh Great! A huge area to explore
    With Nothing special to find
    No one special to talk to.
    nowhere special to go.
    Nothing special to do.

  5. I actually built a small town in the game aswell, got bored one day and just started building, it looks cool but it doesnt have interesting building techniques like this, but you can actually go inside all the buildings and i tried to decorate them, also there are about 6 buildings, one for every dude you get that gives you quests and each building is connected. Its pretty cool.

  6. this game wasnt designed to host as much objects as this city..but shean said they've worked like crazy on optimizing the game for beyond update..cause its already increasing player capacity in online and also increased base radius/size as well as new objects.. so this can be possible for console if the game get optimized well.

  7. Hmm… Wonder how long before CD Projekt Red contemplates suing since they trademarked "cyberpunk" in anticipation of dominating the entire world's use for that name for their upcoming game.

  8. Any time I make anything much bigger than a hut, my PS4 (base model) goes deep into Lag And Stutter Country.

    I don’t understand how the code can’t just handle throwing a few walls together on a two or three-stores structure that’s carefully built, but without lots of detail, when it can have a big draw distance with lots of content. But a small base? Flickerbook time.

    Maybe the new update can resolve this…


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