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Disney+ will reportedly avoid R-rated content, World of Warcraft: Classic returns, and Kevin Feige teases the MCU’s first openly gay character in a major role.

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  1. Disney needs to open up more and stop thinking about the damn kids for these movies and let them be the way they should, I just prey dead pool remains the same as it is

  2. Hopefully the movies that still go to cinemas have a few more mature films like as everyone says Deadpool but also after Logan I don't want to see Wolverine depicted at any other rating

  3. Look at all these trolls looking for confirmation bias. Nowhere does it say they will stop producing R rated movies; it just means the R rated content won't be on Disney+. The R rated content will be available on Hulu, it's been that way for months and was confirmed a long time ago. You can get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN bundled together for $15.

  4. They said this about a year ago when everyone was asking if the Netflix shows were going on there. Only pg13 and lower. Why is this surprising everyone? Everything of higher rating is going to Hulu. Actually I'm pretty sure you guys reported about it even…

  5. Ign and other companies always stating false statements. Disney and marvel already said they have no plans to change Deadpool to pg13. Disney plus is only pg-13 and that has been known for a while now. Disney also owns Hulu which is where all there rated R stuff will be inlcuding Deadpool. If he joins up with Avengers he will have to be reduced to PG-13

  6. Ok, I’ve honestly never liked Deadpool with the excessive cursing and dirty jokes. Why does it matter that you can’t have those in a PG-13 movie? Do people get a thrill out of hearing the F word and dirty jokes constantly?


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