Noir & Blanc OOTD


A very black & white outfit of the day!
To see the blog post of this outfit –



  1. I am in love with your style and hair colour ! ugh I cut my hair and waiting for it to grow out for ages, but it's finally getting there haha anyway love the outfit and the song !

  2. OMYYYYYGOOSH LOVE THISSSSSS!!! I'm getting platinum extensions for the summer I cannery wait!!!! They really do make a difference =].

  3. do you think you could do a how to style college type/baseball jackets, please? I like them so much but I can't seem to find a way to wear them:( Ps: i love these shoes xx

  4. Sam, you are so gorgeous!! When are you going to post another video with your boyfriend on one of your channels? P.S. Sam from Schuermanshow mentioned you in one of her videos the other day!

  5. OMG you shot this in windsor I know cause I walk down that alley almost everyday to go to work lol, i live soo near there 🙂 and that outfit is banging btw and you defo need to do a wardrobe tour.

  6. if i saw someone like you walking down the street no joke my jaw would like drop. from how friken beautiful you are not being a creep or anything but its so true!! and this outfit is verrry pretty


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