October Favorites 2014


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♦ S P E A K I N G P O R T I O N ♦
→ Flannel: http://choies.com
→ Necklaces: http://2020ave.com
→ Lips: Mac l Shy Girl
→ Nails: OCC’s Pagan

♦ I T E M S ♦

→ Ray Bans: http://bit.ly/1rUL8xP
→ L’occitane l Supple Skin Oil: http://bit.ly/1wFOMkO
→ Nike l Air Max Thea: http://bit.ly/1sEH4kP
→ The Secret History l Donna Tartt: http://amzn.to/1FVxZyC
→ OCC l Pagan: http://bit.ly/1sEGJyH
→ Byredo l Bal D’afrique: http://bit.ly/1tigAcF
→ Clean Care: http://amzn.to/102jh7F

♦ M U S I C ♦
→ Kodak Cameo l .. : http://bit.ly/1wcVJdl

FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video.


  1. hozier's new album is really amazing!!!!! i don't have a link bc it's a whole album but i really love it. also this month i bought my first car!!!!!! the transmission is out and i don't have any money but i'm just grateful that i got the chance to buy it 🙂 hope your day is going well :)))

  2. Hey Jenn! I actually don't have a Twitter account (I know…) But I have a fashion dilemma and I need your help! What would you think could be a good option to replace the wide brimmed black hat that everyone is using? I live in Paris and you can see girls wearing it EVERYWHERE. Pliiiiiiish? Thx gurrrrl!

  3. Hey Jen! I find myself really envious of guys and their ability to mix and match clothes so easily. There are some really trendy guys at my school that wear sweater vests, button downs underneath, cool khakis and some nice shoes. They always manage to look nice but also pretty comfy. I'm curious as to what kind of clothes would be good for this, but perhaps more feminine? I want to invest in some basics that can work in a million different ways but I have no idea how to put these outfits together! It's getting a little too cold for skirts but I'm tired of looking too casual or frumpy in jeans or leggings. Tips?

  4. hey! 😀 It would be great if you could show some outfit ideas that bring in some colours for winter (colder weather) , I don't want to become completely monochromatic :pp

  5. Hello Jenn 😀 my name is Yudith and im from the Dominican Republic I don't know if you'll actually read this message BUT! in case you do read it I really want to let you know that you've inspired me A LOT ><, I subscribed to your channel just a month ago and I watched all of your videos, I enjoy your monthly recommendation ˆˆ. Im your fan!  😀 (I would like to meet you someday by the way :D)  Greetings from DR <3

  6. Music recommendations: Jett Rebel & ninaian. i've been listening to that for the past weeks maybe you like to check it out if you want 🙂

  7. Music recommendation!! I've been loving the black keys new album especially turn blue! Also saw them in concert where hey were absolutely delightful!!

  8. Hi! I just wanted to know why does harry styles follow you on instagram? Sorry I am new to your channel and I am curious

  9. I enjoy your music favourites when you include them some of my favourites for the month of October would have to be :
    King Krule
    Lorde album ( after seeing her live !)
    Zumi Zouma

  10. Song recommendations:
    • Brothertiger – Lovers
    • Whitest Boy Alive – 1517
    • Beach Fossils – Adversity
    • MGMT – Electric Feel
    • Passion Pit – Constant Conversations
    Please let me know how you liked them, Jenn! (:

  11. Have you tried on the Nike Free Runs 5.0 ?? OMGERRRD Honestly best shoe i have ever put on my foot. I would work 9 hours a day in them and id walk home and still be like "damn these shoes are so freaking comfy". 

  12. If you want a truly unique, po-mo infused whodunit, check out Marissa Pessl's 'Special Topics in Calamity Physics'… Booker Prize winning 'The Sense of Ending' by Julian Barnes also has similar themes, if you're after something more serious.

  13. I'm sooo glad i watched this!!
    I too suffer from BAAAD eye infections/allergies with contacts. My eye doctor told me it was probably the eye solution too.But all he gave me was a daily wear contacts but theyre hella expensive buying them consonantly Totally gonna look into that soultion though, Thanks Jen!!

  14. Hey Jen, 
    I was wondering, it seems like you online shop a bit. How do you know what fits/looks good, especially via online? I tend to return stuff a lot and find online to be a hassle.

  15. Music recommendations:

    1) Edo Lee – Sakura (feat. Matas)
    2) PARTYNEXTDOOR – Persian Rugs
    3) Cyril Hahn –  Say My Name Remix
    4) Kelela – A Lie (Prod. Bok Bok)

    Hope you enjoy 🙂 

  16. That perfume sounds amazing! I wish we could smell through YouTube because I tried to imagine the smell but it was really hard due to the fact that it sounded very unique. 

  17. favorite songs

    1. tuesday // iLoveMakonnen ( dj snake remix )
    2. bonafied loving // capital STEEZ
    3. take shelter // atu remix
    4. her // majid Jordan
    5. the other night in LA // kyle dion

  18. first video of yours I've seen so far, but omg I'm hooked! Keep doing what your doing, it's great!

    P.S. Go listen to NOVA by LOVELIFE and/or BEGGIN FOR THREAD by BANKS (and while youre at it, check out their whole albums!) lots of love!

  19. Thank you for recommending the contact solution because even though I have 20/20 vision my sister has terrible eye sight and she is about to go away for college😢 so that is the PERFECT👌 going away present, thanks 😄🎉

  20. could you please do a video of your favorite lip colors? you have so many cute ones!! definitely would like to hear your advice for different lip stains for different looks compiled into one vid!

  21. I have those contact cases!! I would suggest you to try night contacts. I use night contacts so basically you use the contacts at night and then in the morning your eyes would be near perfect vision!! One thing is those contact lenses are hard not like regular ones which are soft!! I hope this helped and yeah!!

  22. I'm really digging SPF 420 and In the Basement by Anamanaguchi. Also I'm getting really into OK Go and some favorites are Turn Up The Radio, What to Do, I Won't Let You Down and The Writings On The Wall :3

  23. I have awful eyesight too (started wearing glasses when I was 7). I started wearing contacts recently and I have the exact same problem as you! My eyes get so dry I have to force myself to yawn to produce tears :'D but then I remembered you mentioned Clean Care in a past video so I went through your favorites to find it! Might sound weird how I remember about it now but yeah xD hopefully it works for me as well!

  24. omg i think i just got lucky while binging ur vids and found the one where u first mention Ben. i remember watching ur bean boozled challenge vid too :') yall have come so far <3


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