October Favorites 2019


October came and went but my favorites are here to stay ~ In the running, we have a v nourishing lip treatment that will have you mistletoe ready by December. Also, two powerful books tackling important issues + one disgruntled reader (that’ll be me) that thought one of them deserved a better rating ;( Enjoy!

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  1. Already 116 views 😩😭😭 I thought m the first one .. anyways I was waiting for ur October favorite… ❣️❣️ i also drop my October vlog 😂 u inspired me.. love u

  2. Time is really passing too fast!! Its another month of favourites omg😱😍 Hope October was a great month for you jenn!! ❤️ NOVEMBER, IT WILL BE EVEN BETTER!! 💓💪🏼 Much love for you, Jenn!🥰

  3. highly recommend checking out these two books: when the crawdads sing by delia owens AND sharp objects by gillian flynn. both fantastic reads i’ve had from this fall!

  4. video on how to deal with heartbreak? struggling really badly right now. can’t help but feel like he was the one and I don’t know how much I should fight for him if he doesn’t want to fight for me. I know he knows that what we had was special, but the pain isn’t letting him see that right now.

  5. Jenn! I have a book recommendation for you, the plot seems very interesting and already quite heart-wrenching. It's called All The Lights We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It's a story about two blind children (one French and one German) who are about to experience the Second World War. The children being blind only means that the words are very touchy-feely, since the book is written in the point of view of both characters. You'd get the same feelings they have, since perceiving (with all other senses except the eyes) is all they can do. Wonderful book! Even won a Pulitzer Prize. 🙂 Always love watching your videos! <3

  6. I love your lighting and camera angles in this vid, I was gonna comment that you continue this treatment(?) on your videos but then you said you were going back to your house and this was one of your 'random backgrounds'.. 😊 new camera? or you're just blooming.. who am I kidding, you're always blooming 😍 Love you jenn! I hope you and Ben have a great November 😘

  7. Hey Jenn – I hope you are well – Thank you for sharing this months favourite's x I feel like we need to formulate our own opinions about things, reviews and ratings can be useful but when you think you might be interested in something just go for it, at least you will know for yourself. There are many films and books that I have seen and read that should definitely be more popular, this is why review/favourite videos like these allow them to be featured and recommended x

  8. Jenn! If you haven't read it already, then I highly recommend "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf, if you are interested in issues around body image, beauty standards, culture, etc. It's a nonfiction book that was written back in the 90s, and it's certainly not perfect, but it is no less relevant or powerful because of its age and I consider it a classic. It really helped put some things into perspective for me when I was recovering from some rough times a few years ago, and I would recommend it to any young women who are trying to decipher why they feel certain ways about their body. It also offers some optimism and hope despite the heavy topics it covers.

  9. i also recommend "The Body Project" if you are interested in body image in Western culture. it definitely puts it in perspective about how we see our (especially women's) bodies.

  10. the circle by dave eggers if you havent read already, its like black mirror in a book but hits too close to home- kinda freaked me out tbh but such a good read!

  11. The Jackie Aina palette has been my freakin ride or die this month!! I cannot wait for my semester to slow down so I can start reading your suggestions!!

  12. I got a book recommendation: Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman. It was definitely one of the most life-changing books I read and I've given it to many friends to read too. It is a very positive and optimistic book about a strong woman and tought me a lot about the Jewish religion as well.
    I also wanted to thank you for your book recommendations! You inspired me to start reading again (about 3 years ago) and all of the books you recommended, that I read, have become favorites of mine!
    (sorry for bad english, I'm not a native speaker)
    Love you <3

  13. Thank you Jenn for another amazing montly favorites. You’ve always been my favorite youtuber and I am always happy to watch your content. I saw The Unbelieveble on Netflix, short series but very poignant. I always love your books recommendations, I think we are due for another video entirely dedicted to that ;p keep up the good work !
    From a long time fan

  14. Love your monthly faves as always 🥰 I can’t believe 2019 is close to ending.. it feels like it started a few days ago!!

    As for my favorites, it’s probably kdramas😆 I’m currently watching 2 historical dramas: my country and the tale of Nokdu! Also, 2 romcoms: when the camellia blooms and melting me softly XD


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