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YouTube Original series 《Top Management》 coming 10/31/2018.

Eunsung, an idol trainee, has the ability to see the future. However, even with her ability, she is unable to prevent an unfortunate event caused by a boy band called S.O.U.L, and her debut is cancelled.

A few years later, Eunsung unexpectedly gets an opportunity to enter the No.1 Korean entertainment company, Starlight Entertainment, as an idol manager.

Ironically, Eunsung becomes the manager for S.O.U.L, along with a trainee from Mongolia named “Soo-yong”. Will they be able to create teamwork and success?

Follow the clairvoyant manager and the struggling idol group on a rollercoaster ride through the K-pop industry.

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YouTube Originals 《탑매니지먼트》 10월 31일 첫 공개

불운의 사건으로 아이돌의 꿈이 좌절된 은성(서은수). 가수의 길을 포기한 그가 대형 기획사 ‘스타라이트’의 매니저가 되어 돌아왔다.

신입 매니저 은성이 맡게 된 가수는 과거 자신의 데뷔를 무산시킨 악연, 아이돌 그룹 ‘S.O.U.L’ (차은우, 정유안, 방재민)과 몽골에서 온 눈치 제로의 천재 뮤지션 수용(안효섭)! 과연 이들은 한 팀이 되어 환상의 팀워크를 발휘할 수 있을까?

미래를 예측하는 능력자 매니저 은성과, 위기의 아이돌 ‘S.O.U.L’ 이 이끌어가는 연예계 드라마.

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  1. 남주가 약간 양육자? 육아하는 캐릭터이면서 일에서는 뱀처럼 구는 그런게 매력이었는데..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 성별이 바껴서 좀 아쉽다

  2. This should be a adoration from Web Novel but looks like the MC here is Female…Or is this a coincidence with name??

    No it can't be, The MC in Web Novel could also see Future in dreams..

  3. Because I don't have YouTube Red/Premium/whatever the heck it's called, I don't want to start the series then get into it. But PLEASE TELL ME EUNWOO IS NOT THE 2ND LOVE INTEREST!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. ㅠㅠ엄마한테 가입한다고했는데 엄마가 안된다고…ㅠㅠ 그래서 3화?4화까지 보고 그담부터 못보고있어요ㅠㅡ

  5. 근데 4화부터 돈내고 봐야하더라구요…프리미엄무료체험이 3천7백원 정도 내야되더라구요..학생인데 부모님께서는 돈쓰는거 반대하시고, 영상은 보고싶고ㅠㅠ

  6. Isn't that based on the Korean novel "top management"?
    The genders are swapped, but the MC also is a manager of a 4 girl Idol group and can see some parts of the future
    I can't say with certain because I just saw that trailer

  7. why my country cannot watch all ep i just can watch ep 1-3 and ep9…….plz let malaysia watch all ep plz……im dying to watch this and im not really the type going overseas and the first and the last place i go overseas is korea itaewon but it is last year and now im really dying to watch it plz let all ep available at my country plz…….. plz @youtubeoriginal…..plz @1thek…..

  8. This drama was SURPRIZINGLY good. I honestly was not expecting it to be more than a cringy fangirl's wishful thinking sort of thing like most of the web dramas are. Although there was cringe but it was tolerable. I only gave this drama a go because of all the OSTs, the soundtracks are all amazing. but this drama turned out to be a surprise for me. I was actually planning to watch only two episodes but it grew on me somehow. The way plot unfolds is sort of thrilling and I really wish for a season 2 now.

  9. 아 다좋은데 광고 좀 그으만하세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 보고싶어도 보기싫어져요
    진짜 지이이이이이이이겨워 죽겠어어아앙아아아아아


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