OUR WEDDING DAY | 09.07.19


The happiest day. I’m so happy we were able to share a bit of it with you. Thank you for always supporting us and loving this wedding series. We love you guys 🙂

Twitter- https://twitter.com/tesschristine
Patrick- https://www.instagram.com/mgm_patrick/?hl=en

Videographer- https://instagram.com/harvestweddingfilms?igshid=pp23b4i6i1tp

Photographer- https://instagram.com/whitleymcdonald?igshid=1hzs5spxmfxig

Venue- https://instagram.com/legacyhillfarm?igshid=v16g9rg6usc6

Decor- https://instagram.com/hellowildflowerevents?igshid=opmjzfken2br

Flowers- https://instagram.com/blossomstudiompls?igshid=31wziekhumav

Catering- https://instagram.com/apples2applescatering?igshid=bhp1ss80d23i

Makeup- https://instagram.com/heathertrachsel?igshid=xzqsdf4j5iz9

Hair- https://instagram.com/kaylaannehair?igshid=1pigtyr7g86xq


  1. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. From the get the looks to the travel vlogs and now the wedding video you have always been a great escape from my life. Thank you both for always including us in your story. This is seriously a real life fairytale. This is how love should be! The respect and love between Tess and Patrick is admirable. You both deserve a lifetime of happiness.

  2. This is the most beautiful wedding video I've ever seen. Interchanging the footage of your wedding day with the new York date footage felt like a snapshot of your relationship in this moment in time, not just the wedding. Hats off to your videographers!

  3. ohh my god this video is so good, i was smiling the whole time watching it and i hope you two stay together and love each other for eternity!! congrats and i love you both and i wish you all the happiness and love 💕

  4. wow! this was beautifully and thoughtfully done! i especially love the footage of new york mingled in with the wedding. this was one of the best wedding videos i have ever seen. so very happy for you!! you guys look deeply happy and you're going to love watching this years from now! congratulations!

  5. Literally just started the video and already crying. I've been watching you for years now, and I'm so happy to see you so happy! It's like seeing one of your closest friends grow up to get married.

  6. I’m soso happy!! Ugh I’ve been watching your videos for so long and I’ve always loved you and Patrick’s one of a kind love 💛 it’s so special I’m so happy for you both! May this life continue to bless you 💛

  7. I've watched their love grow through a screen and honestly theyre one of the few couples that i strongly believe match super well together, what a beautiful fun wedding!

  8. Girl I remember learning how to curl my hair from your pretty little liars video and I’ve been subscribed to you since then and this just made me bawl my eyes out. I’m so happy for you

  9. I’m 22 and have been watching you since I was a teenager, feeling like I grew up watching your relationship grow and v happy about it 🖤 congrats 💕💕💕

  10. Congratulations Tess! I can’t believe I’m watching you get married after so many years of watching you! You guys made me cry seeing how special this was ❤️

  11. out of allll the youtube marriages, i am most happy about you two. the very first video i’ve ever watched from you was the look for less eleanor edition and since then i’ve watched you and patrick. i am beyond happy for both of you and am so excited to see you two fall more and more in love. x

  12. I was waiting for the right moment to melt in front of that vid : I wasn't disappointed! I melted like chocolate in the sun, deliciously and even more than expected
    Very happy for you two


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