painting pumpkins & halloween hookups | VLOG


my Halloween story time
Welcome to video EIGHTEEN of #YOUTOBER2019 ❤
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Do you have a halloween hookup to share? Perhaps it was Drogo from GOT or a vampire match made in heaven….
this year I’ve got my eyes peeled for Batman tbh.


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Video Intro shot by Arthur Parra //

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  1. I woke up early and decided to bake pumpkin treats for my dog and rewatch YouTober videos when this one popped up in my notifications! You're always killing it with the timing ❤

  2. Hey fam! I've been updating via Instagram + Twitter but I'll put one big disclaimer here so it be known: I'm focusing on quality instead of quantity, hence why I'm a video or two behind! Either way, you'll be getting all 31 videos, but this year I'm finally learning the balance (the hard way lol) of how to do so without breaking my neck. Either way, I really hope you guys are enjoying the festivities and the vibes. The whole reason I started Youtober is because it's my fav season, so I hope it's okay if I bleed out the stress of it all and just get the videos up when they're ready and moody af 🧡🧡🧡

  3. Love this video! It’s not even over yet but I love it. And girl do I remember your costume that year. And yassss mrs patch!! I know!! Best book series. My favorite!! Love youtober! My birthday was the 19th! Been watching you for YEARS! My favorite channel!

  4. what are you going to name your pumpkins? 🙂 I know you name your plants and you like naming small little things like I do. Are you open to name suggestions?

  5. Hello! Is there someone out there that can help me and tell me in which video Kalyn told us where she got her erasable board?? I need one like that so badly :'(

  6. Those pumpkins look great, I wish I could paint^^
    Yes to the bad bitch costumes 😂 I think it’s quite normal for most people to do that, because we can be something we don’t feel we can/should be in real life. I have a few years of Dead Red Riding Hood/Dark Angel/Poison Ivy under my belt 😂 Something about red hair and black corsages apparently…

  7. I didn’t really understand your story? You saw a guy at the bar and “lived out your dream as a fallen angel”. So I guess you guys hooked up? That’s it?


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