PLAN WITH ME: MARCH + How I Edit My Instagram Photos


Here we are again, Monica Geller mode. Planning our GYST’s and scheduling our taco nights.
If there’s anything in particular you guys want to see in April’s (HOW?) Plan With Me then just leave it in the comment section!
Happy planning!

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  1. Maybe someone has commented about this already – the lake is Moraine Lake. It's right next to Lake Louise and IMO is more beautiful than Lake Louise. I hope you get to see it soon – go early in the day too because it gets busy so fast. 
    Really enjoyed your Instagram editing tips. Just downloaded UNUM – I was using the feed planner on ColorStory but it feels a bit clunky to me, so I'm looking forward to seeing how UNUM works out.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks to you for being such an inspiring person. You really give out such a positive vibe and i just think it is so amazing that you educate yourself on all of these things that could make your life better. So yeah, keep on thriving 🙂

  3. I love these videos and I would love to see your video about working during the week and maybe what I eat on a weekly maybe? That's if you have a set meals for yourself because I'm honestly kacking variety hahaha xx love your video been watching theme for six months

  4. I always love your videos. They are all interesting!! I would love to see a little bit more of your makeup style videos and your workout routines and nutrition habits!! Have a nice day and a happy March!! 😊

  5. You are my favorite person in the whole world!
    You are so positiv and amazing! been following you forever, and you just are incredible <3

    Insane how fit you look! you can totaly see that all of your workouts are paying off!

  6. Ok so am I missing something ? Is she editing her Instagram photos ON Instagram, or is she using a different app? I felt like I tried listening to it like 3 times and I still didn't hear what it was?

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  8. I just loooove how many planning is included in the video)) I am a total freak on these things and I really have an enormous esthetics feeling when I see smn talking and especially showing the stuff! And I totally agree – we are visual creatures. But I think a lot of us forget abou this and dont use it to our advantage. When visual things are all around – you get more motived, responsible, demanding towards yourself. Anyway, great video – as always:)

  9. YES! Please do a workweek blog! I would love to see how you manage your instagram, blog, youtube etc!
    I'm trying to upload twice a week and still try to do instagram and I am FAILING!
    I would love your tips <3

  10. I know I’m watching the right person because I edit my photos.. no lie the exact same way like with the temperature down for blue and the tint up for pink and I was making coffee and listening and not watching and I still noticed it AND THEN you explained the way you post and THAT’S the same too. Again I say. I’m watching the right person. I resonate with you. And I’m a new subscriber. So I appreciate you. Thank you.

  11. Not sure if you ended up doing one by now but I’d love to see a Productive Day or Work Day or Work Week video…I need to up my work-from-home productivity and your videos inspire the hell out of me to GYST 😉 and make some big changes to turn around my overall lifestyle & productivity.

    And you have me itching to do an entire room decor Reno lol
    Give me twinkle lights (cozy mood lighting), coffee, comfy nooks, pillows, and books and I’m SO happy. Lol


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