PlayerUnknown Critiques IGN’s PUBG Play


Brendan Greene, AKA PlayerUnknown, analyses our PUBG play, and doesn’t hold back.

This interview was filmed at the awesome London Games Festival. To find out more, check out:

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  1. You guys realize the world kinda hates Brendan and the current development of PUPG? If it stays like that it surely will be overtaken by Fortnite or any other newcomer.

    No one is listening to the community, the place is infested with cheaters. Even if the chinese would use a VPN, I still would give it a try just to show the community "look guys, I am listening, I've told you it wont work but here's the proof for you"

  2. Dear playerunknown: dude, stop critisizing people, and stop trying to sue people for silly things like frying pans (your game was not the first to use one as a weapon) and the whole battle Royale thing (you are not the first game to do it) and just fix your damn game and optimize it to run at a steady frame rate…. Also, I'd forgive your transgressions, (at least me) if you can convince Sony to do cross platform play (obviously making a PS4 version to convince them)

  3. For everyone that says it needs to be optimized it has bad frames it is in game preview that means early access the game is unfinished and a work in progress it tells you that you will experience these issues the game is not full release it’s their for those who would like to play and see the game until it releases

  4. Brendan…please fix lag and desync when more than 5 people are in 50m radius, this is 1# issue for many many many players on PC and XBOX. After that you can add and tweak all other bells and whistles.

  5. PlayerUnknown should learn the controls of his game on XBox One before he plays it in front of thousands of people live/streaming so he doesn’t have to ask Major Nelson for help.

  6. Umm, Brendan doesn't even play his own game, or games in general.. Why is judging other people? Here's an idea, make him play PUBG on PC, maybe then he'll sort out a real fix for the cheaters and in-game bugs!

  7. They post a video of this game like every 2 minutes. But don't know how to aim down sight, how to switch fire mode.
    I don't mention the fact that they play on xbox, they seem to not know any better.

    I assumed at IGN would work some people with actually some knowledge of the most popular games of the recent years and a bit skill for them. I was wrong. Watching them trying to aim hurts pretty much xD
    I give my respect to Playerunknown that he did not flip the laptop of the table in rage.

  8. The game has been out for how long now and you are just now getting around to it? I mean, its like a best selling hit and you are just NOW getting around to it? Get out of the gaming biz, thnx, buh bye!

  9. Wowsy! PlayerUnknown has the same taste in guns as me! But i more or less agreed with everything he said. Especially the ‘being driven crazy’ about not using the 8x on m14

  10. ….Again…this is IGN….90% of the gamers there are garbage lol

    And why on xbox? i mean the beginning was so bad in FPS Stutter and drops, Should've done PC, at least thats optimized xD

  11. Brendan Greene, complete petulant child. You cannot own a genre you dipshit. Your game is fun…for an asset flip, but still fun. It's crashing and burning because your too busy trying to sue people and claim ownership of a genre that was here well before your buggy mess of a game.

  12. “I didn’t know which one was better”! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. You guys critique games and you can’t tell the difference between a 8x scope and a holographic? IGN hire me please you need real gamers to critique games.

  13. I don't know why you get hate for not doing much console info. You're a game walkthrough, and media and entertainment review company. I think you're very entertaining .


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