Pokemon Sword and Shield: 5 Neat Details and Features from the First 90 Minutes


We played the introduction to Pokemon Shield and got to see some of Gen 8’s new features in action including the Wild Area and Max Raid Battles. For more on Pokemon Sword and Shield, be sure to read the article on IGN.

Music courtesy of https://www.youtube.com/c/BliitzIt



  1. The question is can you turn the exp share off? Heard its no longer a item and just perma on, but is there a toggle? This is a potential deal breaker as it being stuck on will make it far too easy.

  2. 1:36 what does that purple smoke around the max raid pedestal mean? Is it to show there's a gigantamax pokemon? To show other trainers are there? Is it a rare pokemon? I NEED TO KNOW!

  3. I somewhat realized that finding encounters in wild grass, like in the past, seem to be useless since encounters are shown as Pokémon visible on the field.

  4. Just to let people know some stores (I know for fact 1 in the uk because I have seen it with my own eyes) have received retail copies of sword and shield expect a game leak coming within the next few weeks!!

  5. You notice how this revealed nothing regarding New Pokemon we haven't already seen yet? That is how I will judge this or any reviews worth.

  6. I see that Hop has 3 Pokémon, but they're only talking about Wooloo and the starter.
    Is his 3rd Pokémon a new Pokémon we haven't seen yet?

  7. People: SwOrD aNd ShIeLd ArEnT fInIsHeD YeT iT wOnT lOoK tHiS bAd WhEn ItS rElEaSeD

    Me: Are you sure about that
    Distant Kingdom: Are you sure about that
    Gamefreak: Are you sure about that


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