POP Pilates: Serious Standing Pilates for Legs, Butt & Obliques


http://www.blogilates.com This is some advanced Standing Pilates moves for all of you who like a good challenge. POP Pilates Instructor Cassey Ho will work your legs, butt (glutes), obliques!

Music: Assorted Sam & Kurt songs!

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  1. When i first did this i ddin't like it at all cause balancing was so hard :/ Now that i don't have to focus on keeping my balance as much anymore i really enjoy doing this workout!

  2. The songs for this workout are truly amazing, inspiring and motiving. Especially the first one with "Who cares if you disagree? You are not me! Who made you king of anything! So you dare tell me who to be? Who died and made you king of anything?!"
    I'm afraid I didn't hear what you said because I was singing all the time (but I did the exercises as well ;))
    Was super fun and I really feel my booty right know 🙂 I'M THE TREE! 😉 ♥

  3. Sorry Cassey, love POP Pilates and follow all of your vids… But this is probably my least favourite of yours… Not all of us have the grace, form, flexibility or balance of a dancer. Quite disheartening to come up against this video in the monthly calendar and try and follow along but stumble in most poses and not be able to do half of them. :p other than that… Love the rest of them!

  4. i have major knee problems so i couldn't do the first thing because of all the cracking and danger sounds, but i got through the rest! starting week 3 of beginners calendar, finally. going home to visit friends and family kept me way too busy. no more excuses, I'm back on it.

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  6. I thought it was a really interesting workout but I found quite a few parts of it to be too advanced for me because I'm on the 3rd week of the begginer's calendar – anyone else in the same situation?

  7. OMG! Somehow never ended up doing this one until now. Love this workout. So intense. All standing. Whew! Love the ending, too. All 3 of those have happened, but where is the tank? Discontinued? =/ Bring it back, Cassey! =)

  8. That was kick-ass. I am just starting out and so I had to hold on to the door frame for proper form on most of the exercises but it was fun. I'll be back to the video for sure.

  9. We did a fifty minute class today in aerobics today our morning instructor works us out with her Cathe. Friedrick DVDs it was a lot of arms and legs with the ball with how many squats I did with the 20 pound bar on my shoulders I'm really feeling it in this workout I think Cassey killed me

  10. The 1st one with one leg was just impossible for me, and the other ones nearly impossible… But I still worked them out and predict soreness in my legs for tomorrow 😀 Need to work on my balance sooo much.

  11. Always and forever one of the TOP VERY BEST OF BLOGILATES OF ALL TIME!!!!!
    Cassey, your always creating amazing KILLER workouts but this one is always a fantastic challenge!!!!

  12. Loving the elephant walk <3 <3 I managed to balance on the single leg balances but keep getting major foot cramps and having to stop because of the pain in my feet is so intense. I don't normally have feet problems what am I doing wrong?


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