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Products I didn’t get on with too well and I wouldn’t re-purchase – But an explanation as to why!
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  1. Hey Sammi! I was wondering if you can make a video on how to shop for a whole new wardrobe. I really want to change my style but I'm not sure how to start or what pieces that I definitely need to have in my closet. Thanks for making amazing videos <3

  2. Hi Sammi! I love your honest opinions about products. I personally love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip colours, I have two and I love them. They have no smell, I wonder if you got a bad one. Anyway, the product I really don't like is the Eyeco Black Magic mascara. I find it doesn't go on nicely, it smeers on me (gives me raccoon eyes) and it comes off horribly, all clumpy and I can't seem to get it all off. Oh well, if only we could love everything we buy, right?

  3. bare minerals foundation, for me, just wasn't worth the hype at all.It didn't sit well on my skin, and brushed off way too easel, as well as having to be applied very thickly. 

  4. The Maybelline falsies mascara is a hyped product that did nothing for me! It didn't hold a curl and often smudged… Maybe it doesn't work well on short and straight lashes? :/ 

  5. An amazing lip product to use.. as much as it is very expensive.. try a sample first and it's the By Terry Baume de Rose. Made a huge difference in my lips wih softness and it really does work.. just wish it wasn't $80AUD. But it is amazing. I just keep getting the samples 🙂

  6. Wow I'm really shocked! I use the dramatically different moisturiser from clinique and i absolutely adore it! I guess that things just work differently on different people's skin!! Shame! love your videos xx

  7. So happy you spoke about the push-up liner.  The formula is AWFUL. Great idea, but they need to reformulate.  I did a whole blog post about it.  Thank you for being HONEST and not buying in to gimmick/brand.  Again, LOVE Benefit, they just need to reformulate the gel liner inside the package.

  8. Mineral oil isn't a "nasty"….you are less likely to have a problem with mineral oil than plant oils. Its a myth pedaled by "natural" beauty companies to flog their wares.

  9. I have used Kiehls no1 lip balm for years now on and off and stopped using it a while ago and started using lip products such as eve lom's kiss mix, EOS, hurts bee's… my lips have been struggling (due to neglect and also stupidly picked at them!) Until the other day I went back to using Lush's bubblegum lip scrub.. and then straight after using kiehls lip balm and it WORKED! Kiehls lip balm is actually very good for a quick fix in a hurry but I suppose not long lasting like you said! – x

  10. You should definitely do a tutorial on the way you've applied your eye-liner in this video, I'm terrible at blending a flick into my lower lashline, some tips would be great 🙂

  11. I've been looking for your channel for ages it feels like and while watching another video Youtube recommended I watch this video lol so happy I found your channel again 😊 I just subscribed!

  12. I love that elemental herbology cleanser! I actually use it to remove my eye makeup. Its also SLS free so doesn't strip skin like most gels do. You probably just have the wrong skin type for it (its for oily acne prone skin)

  13. i have that lipstick , the bourjois one , and mine doesn t smell bad. i think yours is bad …. but is very drying :((((( …. i have it in the same color also ….. But the moisturiser , the clinique one , i want to try it . a lot of people rave about it :/ …strange …

  14. I loved this video so much! Some of mine are models own hyper gel nail polish – chips so easily!? Rimmel lash accelerator mascara – just hate everything about it! Benefit bad gal mascara. YSL effet faux cils shocking mascara. Benefit hello flawless foundation. Seriously my list is endless!

  15. Hi lovely 🙂 I wanted to tell you more about the Clinique DDML. It is not meant to be a moisturizer. It has been formulated to "recreate" the skin's hydrolipidic film that the lotion (step2) kind of removed for deeply clean the skin 🙂 Then, after the 3 steps, you have to use a proper moisturizer on top 😉 So if you used it alone and found that it was not enough that's why 😉 xoxo

  16. I had the dark red Bourjois rouge edition velvet and I hated it! Came out like dry liquid and clung to my lips and was horrible, don't know whether I had a bad one but I literally hate it

  17. I feel you girl… I don't like Dramatically different moisturizer. Moisture surge extended thirst relief by Clinique is the one I prefer. Still  remember I first heard about it on Zoe Sugg's channel. God, even the smell of it is way better!!

  18. Clinique dramatically moisturizing was such a waste for me as well! It didn't do anything AT ALL but i forced myself to use it all up thinking I just hadn't used it enough, but no it's just terrible. Only thing I like from clinique is the make up remover and chubby stick

  19. Wow I bought that velvet lipstick just yesterday (shade 4) and I didn't smell anything! Maybe they changed the formula? Even if I don't think so… whatever, it's a fabulous color <3

  20. Lush candy floss lip scrub, great company but my lips get so chapped and dry that it just doesn't work and haven't found a lip balm that actually works for me yet either 🙁

  21. I knew I couldn't be the only one who found the scent of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets repulsive! Didn't even want to put it on my lips.  Haven't heard anyone else saying this but I totally agree with you!

  22. Quite a controversial one and its literally just a couple of the pans but I was quite underwhelmed by the Anastasia Beverly Hills light powder contour palette, the banana powder and the middle contour shade weren't very pigmented, its very subtle on my skin and i have quite a light complexion, i felt like my contour brush couldn't pick much up from the pan, but the other shades on there were great, just disappointed that the colour that I was most excited about because it looked like it would have suited me more didn't really do all that much :/

  23. The body shop bb cream vitamin E. It smells really weird and all runny, and when I apply it made me look like a grease ball a half hour later 🙁 the revlon lip butter, the formula is kinda nice, glides very smoothly, but the color range is weiird. Bright and unflattering. I got the pink one as a gift, when I put it on it made my face look washed out and tired. I have an olive undertone, so pink should work for me but this shocking pink lip color is just unflattering.

  24. I have two of the rouge edition velvet matte bourjois lip colours, they really do not smell great and are so hard to get off. However, I have found that if I put on a scented chapstick before application it comes off easier and smells a hell of a lot better! 🙂

  25. Hi there!

    Really enjoyed watching that video 🙂

    Just had to say something about the Clinique dramatically different moisturizer:

    For me, this was the only product that helped me deeply moisturize my skin.
    Maybe, just maybe, that's because I use the whole system (the face wash, the cleanser and the moisturizer).
    The cream alone doesn't do much, but the whole system altogether really helped out my skin and it keeps my skin hydrated the whole day (and I have dry/oily skin).

    But the things about the nasty ingredients really is true, sadly…

    Have a lovely day 🙂

  26. Totally agree with you about the Tarte cheek stain! It is so difficult to blend! Thanks for the heads up about the Clinique Moisturizer. I've heard so much hype about that product but I think I'll stick with the Lotus Youth Preserve Cream by Fresh… have you tried that formula yet? My favorite so far! Thanks for the video!!

  27. Another use for the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer is to remove mascara! I use a q-tip to dip in it and remove the leftover mascara after washing my face.

  28. Eos lip balms don't do much except for the mint one! That is the best one because it cools your lips and leaves a great feeling on your lips. The rest seem to just sit there and smell fruity. But yes, the mint one feels great and moisturizing. I don't like baby lips because they don't seem to do much…


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