PROM 2013 – PromGirl Dress Review


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the dress in the video:

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Disclaimer – This dress was sent to me from for reviewing purposes. My opinions are completely honest.


  1. I'm petite (5'0) and so I wanted a high-low type of dress but I didn't see any in my dress size! So I bought a long one that I liked but I'm afraid it's gonna be so long on me, ahh! I love that dress, it looks great on you! 🙂

  2. did you buy it from promgirl? i know from experience that their long dresses are super long! you'll definitely have to alter it. make sure that the dress doesnt have a cool print pattern on the bottom because if you make it shorter, you'll have to cut the print off. on the bright side, altering bottom of dresses is simple! you can just cut it and hem it yourself 😉

  3. I bought my dress from I was so happy and exactly what I wanted. It was a super expensive dress everywhere else but on this site it was uper cheap and fast shipping… Class of 2012!!!

  4. Subconsciously I started Hmong along with the song at the beginning and the end… And them I realized afterwards that I actually knew it… Lol. I actually listened to it on my iTunes like 4 songs back 😀 Epik High's It's Cold (feat. Lee Hi), right? 🙂 love the dress btw~ you look gorgeous in it as well~

  5. this dress is gorgeous! I'm 5'10 and I think the high-low look would be really cool for me. I'm in NJ and my prom is May 10th. I'm wondering how long it took for the dress to get to you because I could definitely see myself in this.

  6. I believe they're actually based in NJ! should arrive to you in 1-2 weeks! shipping was pretty fast. it says on their website that they ship the same day the dress is ordered 😀 this high low gown would look gorgeous on you 😉

  7. I ordered my junior prom dress on promgirl. You're right, I had to have my grandma iron the bottom. But other than that, it was a beautiful (and inexpensive!) dress 🙂

  8. That dress.. Gorgeous .. And it's BLACK! 😉 Love the high to low~ Totally not me though.. The dress.. Gorgeous but no thanks.. 😉 you still look totally pretty~<3 ^-^

  9. Hi please help me with the size i need to order a dress from there Im usually size 2 or small for everything and.with my measurements they recommend a size 8 wich im not sure i think is two big please unswer

  10. Did you have to pay extra handling/ shipping fees or anything? I read some reviews online and a lot of people said that UPS charged them extra fee that was over $100 :/ I live in the US btw

  11. My Mom had the same formal gown in white, but it is shorter to the knees. She also had a picture taken wearing in that gown together with my Dad. When I was a child, I saw it every time I opened my Mom closet, and kept wishing that I could be growing up fast to be able to try it on me.


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