RE-DECORATE WITH ME! Bedroom Makeover


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  1. I love her so much! And I personally love the black hair on her so much, I go back and watch her videos from that time. But she’s put so much effort into making her hair blonde.. Maybe if she got a dark brown/black color smudged from her roots, down into the actual blonde parts of her hair it would look like an amazing balayage!! 😍

  2. I love kelsey but am I the only one who thinks the gucci bag looks little funny there on the desk? like am not hating and I know she has that and plenty other desingner stuff but cmoon now kelsey that’s just too much

  3. KELSEY❤️💕 I love you sosooo much honey!! You are the most gorgeous girl in this whole planet like seriously😭😂😍❤️ ps. Are you planning to do Vlogmas??? Pls do😍❤️💕🎄

  4. I really miss how it looked in the OG room tour. It was just super luxurious with the simplistic black chair in the corner. I kind of feel like theres a lot of different directions its going all at once now. Still cute tho


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