Robocop, Ninja Turtles & The Hunger Games: It’s A Wrap!

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This week on It’s A Wrap we give our opinions on some hot new movie news.

First off our panel discusses details revealed about the upcoming ‘Robocop’ reboot and how we feel about reboots in general.

Speaking of reboots, we talk about the planned ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ reboot and all the controversy over Michael Bay’s reveal that they will be aliens.

And finally, we discuss the success of ‘The Hunger Games’.


  1. Terminator is a movie that
    should have ended in
    Terminator 2 Judgment Day
    And if anyone wants to touch or remake Terminator 1 or Terminator 2 judgment Day.
    They deserve to die a painful dead
    if you agree like this.

  2. you reply to the wrong comment? My comment had nothing to do with superman, only the fact that Green Lantern was a fucking atrocity lol. But I do get what you're saying and others don't realize that when I tell 'em. I never liked superman, his powers are so, dare I say, cliche, and nobody really stands a chance against him with all his abilities. I find Spider-man, Batman, and Flash more interesting as it seems they work to help the people, not stop the bad guys, unless of course it's called for

  3. Nah I was replying to you and agreeing with you. Green Lantern should be a dark and scary movie juxtaposed with Hal Jordan's humor. The Green Lantern Movie had a great cast IMO, the screenplay just sucked. I mean Paralax is supposed to be the scariest villain in the universe and they failed HARD on getting that across. Anyways, I just want the studios to realize that approving these soft scripts so that they can merchandise results in bad movies… and then no one buys the merchandise.

  4. yeah I think the cast was good, not the best but yeah it was alright. the script just failed to deliver and was too campy and ended up sucking so bad. and for some reason the film struck me as low budget, not sure why. in a nutshell it came off as a horrible portrayal of green lantern

  5. If your a 80's kid "Care Bears", "Sliver Hawks" ,"Filmation's Ghostbusters" with along with "kidd Video" , and "Dungeon and Dragons"

    If your 90's kid. your always have "Duck Tails", "Dark Wing Duck", and "Might Max"

  6. Robocop will be an excellent remake! The matrix trilogy made it possible for this movie to be a hit! Ninja turtles its a wrap they already messed it up it was already uninteresting and im a fan.
    I would love for there to be another Dragonball because that movie sucked and im a fan, I think Michael bay and video director hype Williams and Steven spielberg along with Japanese directors (prefebly the ninja assassin creator ) connect on this movie and also the matrix creators jump on this please!

  7. Gladiator!
    If Michael Bay tries to ever remake/reboot that he'd be in for some trouble
    Die Hard if they tried to make it without Bruce Willis shit would hit the fan!

  8. who needs emotions to be seen.. we the audience are the one that feels emotion when we see crazy scenes that get us worked up.. if this is just gonna be eye brow and teary wussy face acting.. i can go watch strippers..

  9. aw hell then that would have transformers plot or what about thundercats sending them to are earth or silver hawks oh or bravestar or mighty morphin muther fucking power rangers original team from the 90's Asian chick yellow and Black dude as black ranger i wonder how what the script would be.

  10. my apologies, I stand corrected. I must have caught the mouse before hitting the reply button and didn't realise my mistake. Next time I decide to stick up for someone I won't bother.

  11. @TatianaCarrier….ok as far as movies that should never be rebooted…gremlins…the original was awesome dont screw it up….the same thing for….ghostbusters, the goonies, and ghost rider…but that one is mainly cuz the ghost rider movies sucked balls

  12. Stop remaking 80's movies period. How is it that we praise these so-called director's as visionaries when they just update movies and capitalize off of others successes? They obviously have the tools and skills to make great big productions, so make your own great film franchises. I think Rob Zombie did OK with the Halloween movies, but that is because he is a fan and was paying homage. WTF is Michael Bay paying homage to by making the turtles aliens?

  13. you know at first when i heard they were making a shitty remake of TMNT .. i joked saying " what's it about?… ninjas from space! XD !!"………… "oh..

  14. if they make robocop rated pg-13 it would suck and TMNT are not aliens , stick to the original stories just better fx…it's about what the fans want…and stop making movies kiddish and put some real action rated r for a change..and get a better movie critic that would know what movies mean to fans

  15. New Robocop isn't needed or wanted. New Ninja Turtles + Miichael Bay = DEAR GOD NO HE ALREADY F^&*ED UP TRANSFORMERS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Hunger Games….Don't give a crap.

  16. making the turtles aliens or from dimension x or whatever is the dumbest idea ever. the turtle's accidental mutation is fundamental to who they are.

  17. Id really like to see Spawn re made the effects that could be made now would be amazing but keep liguzamo (pretty sure i spelled it wrong) best bad guy ever

  18. in 0:28 did the t-shirt color is changed or there is a problem in my eyes!?
    sorry if I'm the cave man here.. cuz if that is the new t-shirts in the market that means I'm away from this generation 😀

  19. Ya gotta say i'm almost devastated by the news that bay has tmnt, I really don't want to dump on the movie before it is out but after he completely shat on transformers to lose another childhood stable is just heartbreaking ;(

  20. Do Robocop fans want them to literally REFILM the original? What would be the point? I'm glad Robocop's suit is modernized and his helmet reclines so you can see his face. I want to see a new story in this reboot.

  21. Regarding 'Ninja Turtles', it's sounding a lot like Biker Mice from Mars. We may see them as adults this time which would be cool. If aliens are involved, I hope Krang will be the turtles' adversary in this one.

  22. It looks like a typical soulless remake. I enjoyed Paul Verhoeven's scathing commentary on the status of remakes and how they've completely missed the point of the originals in every possible way.

  23. I really loved the mode and construct of lady in the water and I was hoping the writer and the director would bless us with another movie with the same type of story and dialogue

  24. So in my book the motion pictures StreetFighter, and Dragonball are the worse movies of all time an tie for #1. I can live without seeing remakes of them. They are prime exampl we of how Hollywood go so far to add their own twist in the story line of comics, an anime series only to destroy their name, an what they stand for. Only a few have survived.


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