Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘Deadpool’ Movie Status


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Is a Deadpool spinoff finally in the works? Ryan Reynolds is busy promoting his new action comedy, RIPD, but when Total Film sat down to chat with the star, they couldn’t help but ask him what all of us have been wondering about for forever, and that is what is the status of a Deadpool movie? Reynolds told Empire several months ago that there was a script ready to go for the standalone project, which was apparently going to focus on a very disturbed and very violent Deadpool. And the actor gave a little more insight to Total Film saying quote. “The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie. In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of the Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity.” Ok, this all sounds well and good, but what in the world is the status of this movie?!? Is it happening or not? Well, in the past, Reynolds made it seem like Fox had some concerns with it due to the fact that the film would be too close to an NC-17 rating. And in this interview, he wasn’t making any promises saying quote “That movie is alive and kicking, and then it’s dead as a doornail. Then it’s alive and kicking and then it’s dead… it’s like the worst relationship I’ve ever had!” Well, we all know how those Hollywood relationships go. So, while there may be potential, it looks like we might be waiting a while for Fox to give this thing the green light. So, are any of you out there really hoping this Deadpool movie happens? And would you want to see Ryan Reynolds suit back up again? Chat with me about this down in the comments section, and make sure you thumbs up this video and share it with all of your friends! OH!, and make sure you are following us over on our twitter and facebook pages as well. From our headquarters, in Hollywood, Im Erin White. See ya soon!


  1. I really want to see this deadpool movie, but I don't thing Ryan is the best choice to play deadpool. I feel like we need someone louder and more chaotic in character.

  2. I'm only 11 but my dad doesn't care if I see the deadpool movie he knows that deadpool is my fav character and he got me video game but nc-17 id nutin compared to the video game and the movies and shows I watch XD

  3. I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE THE MOVIE!!!! Ryan Reynolds would embody deadpool. And the cross of him knowing about the real world, would be EPIC when it comes to innovation. They need to greenlight this and stop playing.

  4. i might get hate mail but Ryan should not be dead pool because Ryan is more of a dramatic person and dead pool is funny so yea that's my opinion what do you guys think

  5. If anyone agrees. Maybe if they really cannot make this film,
    What about a strait to dvd R rated cartoon feature length film, with Nolan North as deadpool.

    I'd be happy, but I still want this movie.

  6. Yes Ryan Reynoolds for Deadpool
    Yes Deadpool movie.
    The other super hero movies besides Iron Man have been stale or mildy entertaining at best.

    I don't mind the wait cause I'd rather have em do it right and get Deadpool done as good as Fight Club. Where there is no way anyone could say there needs to be a retelling of the story or character.
    Though I would love there to be a Deadpool series with as many films as Godzilla. One done right is good for me.

  7. he should probably wear an ACTUAL DEADPOOL SUIT!!!!!!! WHAT IS THAT STUPID VEST!!!!!( and I know it was also like that in X-Men: Origins  too, and they probably wouldn't change it because of that, but didn't anybody els  find that kind of lame?) p.s. I feel like we're all just a bunch  of nerds/geeks here, don't you, who ever is reading this?

  8. I don't like Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool there could definitely be a better casting. Plus Deadpool is suppose to be disfigured and shit. They would try to keep Ryan Reynolds in the least amount of cover possible like they did in Origins, and I doubt they would shoot the majority of the movie with him in disgusting looking makeup.
    – – Think about how awful it would have been if Rorschach from Watchmen was out of makeup and looked totally normal.

  9. key things you need for a Deadpool movie!
    1: Rated R – There is no need for this to be for 13+.
    2: 50% comedy, 50% badass action. including 4th wall breaking.
    3: Keep Deadpool as he is in the comics, a bat shit insane, perverse, assassin working for who ever has the most cash.

  10. U really gonna ask us if there should be a deadpool movie stupid question of course everyone will say yes and he should play deadpool BC of x-men originals its been so long seence we heard from wayde in x-men its like he was not even there so bring on the movie who cares what it rated if the parents let kids to go see it that there fault and u can't change deadpool from being him BC u will lose a lot I mean a lot of money from it so keep it how it is and bring it on deadpool was sapost to be a joke not really a superhero the comic book creator was throwing deadpool out there and from the first book he sold out quick so I'm prety sure ALL US SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK READERS WILL WANT A DEADPOOL MOVIE SO BLOW OUR MINES AND DONT CHANGE DEADPOOL FROM BEING VILENT TO KID APROPREAT I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER IF U DO

  11. MAKE THE DAMN MOVIE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! The world needs a deadpool movie. Who gives a shit if its NC-17!? Deadpool IS NC-17 perfection. As far as Ryan Reynolds is concerned, I think he is the only person who could play Deadpool.

  12. Should there be a deadpool movie? The question here is why haven't we already gotten one, or two, or three… Or four… And do I think Ryan Reynolds should play deadpool again? After watching waiting many, many times, yes… Most definitely… I would probably contemplate boycotting it if he didn't… Hollywood, get your asses in gear.

  13. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the deadpool character in blade trinity and xmen origins he was sarcastic irritating and funny could also kick ass but that's probably just special effects with the right directors and script deadpool could awesome and who's gives a shit about the age rating MAKE THE DAMN FILM!!!

  14. Give him a script he can work with and he will make a great Deadpool! Fucking focus groups at Fox are so afraid that an R-rated comic book movie won't make money, Fuck the focus groups and just make the Deadpool movie as part of your continuing penance for fucking up x-men! Days of Future Past was a good start but you still have much penance to do you searchlight bastards!

  15. Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool!! The Wolverine Deadpool fell flat when he became Deadpool, but WADE WILSON was spot on. If the movie ever does get off the ground, having anyone else play Deadpool would be a mistake.

  16. You guys should stop being afraid about making Rated R movies they make them all the time and I think it's real bullshit that your not gunna have him put on the dead pool suit that's the hole point of being deadpool I mean you guys made a game of deadpool and now you guys don't want to make a movie out of it you guys are so fucking stupid seriously Ryan Reynolds deserves to be deadpool no matter what he is one of the best movie stars so stop stalling and make the deadpool movie already.

  17. Ryan Reynolds would make a perfect Deadpool. When I first watch X-Men Origins Wolverine came out and you saw Ryan as Wilson I was like OMG ITS DEADPOOL! Cause of how he acted and portrayed our soon to be Deadpool. Then I saw the ending and thought oh s$&@ what did they do to Deadpool! I wish they have Ryan Reynolds be Deadpool. It just seems like the type of movie that would fall apart without the right cast and great main characters and I think that Ryan Reynolds is that main character for this Deadpool movie!

  18. His smart ass approach and quick one liners makes him a good deadpool.  What they made him do  in the wolverine movie sucked.  I think if he's directed and written better he'd be perfect..again because of his comedic approach and quips.

  19. I didnt realize in the wolverine Origins he was Deadpool I remember thinking Heh he'd be awesome as deadpool but my brain didn't click till I watched it again lol I do hope when they make this film they dont make him all pretty he has to be crazy and his face needs to be messed up as its part of who Deadpool is the whole 'I dont wear the mask for me, I wear it for everyone else' thing

  20. I definitely want Ryan Reynolds to be Deadpool, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role so perfectly. I still want the movie to be rated R, but I might just have to take what I can get. It's still a Deadpool movie which is AWESOME!

  21. I definitely want Ryan Reynolds to be Deadpool, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role so perfectly. I still want the movie to be rated R, but I might just have to take what I can get. It's still a Deadpool movie which is AWESOME!

  22. hell yea make it happen i would love to see this bad ass movie, my view is that ok yea deadpool is graphically violent in the comic books and the videos games, who cares thats how the charactor was made, so what do u expect of the movie its gonna be the same… just put the thing PG 17 or rated M i dont care just make it, there is so many other violent movies out there anyway and so many people wonna see this movie made so just do us a favour and keep us loving "FOX" by just making this movie


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