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I recently had the opportunity to design & create my own silver ring!
Paid for Advertorial
Hope you guys like this video! =]
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London Jewellery School –

Jedeco –

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♡ What Im wearing ♡
In intro
Dress – Topshop
Lips – MAC Russian red

In the workshop
Top – Topshop
Jeans – American apparel
Lips – MAC Russian Red

In the shop
Dress – Brandy Melville
Lips – MAC Russian Red

Thanks to BlackBerry for making this video happen!


  1. I don't know what happened, or IF she blocked me on instagram. When Sammi got a new boyfriend at first I was so opposed, but when I saw her explanation video on her other channel I actually understood her. And I never should've commented, but it wasn't even as bad as the other comments other people put on there, those were just horrible. Now I am so happy for her she's been my inspiration for over a year already and I can't see her page anymore! I'm sad, and sorry! Ill keep watching ur vids Sam!

  2. Why can't we thumbs up/down comments anymore? Is it because this is clearly just an ad for Blackberry? It's funny cuz you don't even use that in real life. And for some reason it's really frustrating for me that you're advertising such a shitty phone! I mean, it's great for some purposes, but who the hell would like to browse FB/Twitter all day on that phone ?

  3. Gurl your video is an add now , lol dunno why I'm so excited for you. Sure u know this info already anyways love wat u do. You look great keep wht your doing, ur inspiring and interesting lol ok I think I've blabbed more dan enough. Stay blessed x

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  5. Im Soo happy for u I really enjoy the video its something different from your other one I would love to see more about what ur doing with the jewelry n good luck

  6. hey Sammi, check this jewerly out! It really does remind me of your style and I just love it, just ordered some gorgeous earrings 🙂 —> go on etsy. com and find glassexpression, sorry but i cant post the link.. 🙁

  7. Hey guys, I’m an aspiring makeup guru and recently posted up my first couple of videos up. I’d appreciate anyone stopping by my page and checking them out! Subscribe if you like, I put a lot of effort into my videos and hope you guys will like them. :]
    Thank you!

  8. All you have to do is go to a hair salon and ask for perm with really tight curls. After you get one, everyday you just brush out some of the curls with a hairbrush and it'll look like her's 🙂

  9. Thanks for the advice! I have, in fact, had multiple perms. The first one was really successful and looked amazing. However, as the roots grew out, it didn't look that great. I tried having a perm on the grown out part but you could kinda tell where the different perms ended. So I waited for a few months for it to grow out properly, using crimpers in the mean time. But the last perm I had did NOT curl my hair at all. And I always go to proper hairdressers too.Just wish I had naturally curly hair

  10. Thanks, tbh, it's the first time I'm watching one of her videos, it just popped up as an ad before another YouTube video and I immediately fell in love with her look. I'll look for that video where she talks about the weave though. 🙂

  11. I absolutely love your style. I hope you have an online shop someday with clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. I could see myself shopping there all the time.


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