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Just a bunch of clothing I thrifted but haven’t transformed! Hope you enjoy this haul, and let me know which one you’d like to see me transform next?

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  1. what if you cut the black denim skirt in half or to your preferred length and then attach the remaining fabric to the top of the waistband? Either turn it into a strapless dress or romper.

  2. get rid of nats by putting a cup of vinegar with a few drops of dish washing soap in a jar or cup. cover it with plastic wrap. then secure plastic wrap on cup with rubber band. lastly poke holes in the plastic wrap and set it anywhere in the room for a few days. slowly you will start to see dead gnats in the bottom of the cup. they are attracted to the vinegar smell and get stuck in the soap. good luck!

  3. If you have plants in your home, you might have an infestation. Insecticide soap (no chemicals) in the water and then cover the dirt with decorative stones or glass pebbles to discourage any further laying of larvae. Change all water traps underneath and watch your watering. Any extra water beneath encourages bugs as well. Great haul, by the way.

  4. I'm seeing this video a little late, but if you still need a gnat killer try putting balsamic vinegar in a dish and cover the top of the dish with clear plastic cling wrap. Then poke small holes in the plastic so the gnats can a) smell the vinegar and b) be able to drown in the vinegar. This trick cleared up our gnats within a few days

  5. kind of late but for the gnats get a jar, fill it with vinegar, and poke holes in the lid. They'll crawl into the holes and drown because they like the smell of vinegar.

  6. For the black denim skirt make it into a high waisted mini skirt and a matching black denim halter top!!! Also to get rid of gnats mix dish soap and apple cider vinegar and leave it out for a couple days. Or suck them up with a hand held vacuum

  7. Fill a cup with apple cider vinegar and then cover the top with Saran Wrap. Place a small slit in the Saran Wrap for the gnats to fly in through. They can fly in but they can't fly out.

  8. lets see floral skirt and blazer dress be good one for spring video, blue skirt and romper and lace pants be god for summer video, Black pants and skirt be good for maybe winter video. I would do purple dress for a prom dress video for maybe girls can't afford new dress for prom or homecoming.

  9. make the blue ombre skirt into a romper dress thiingie with no sleeves. the black long skirt would look good as a pencil skirt i think! the black pants i feel like would look nice flaired like you did with pants a few episodes ago

  10. Hey Guys, I really love April and I have the same love for clothes making just like her! I have a sewing machine and it broke recently, it fell when my little brother was running, and now i can't use it anymore. It was pretty old, so I'm making a fundraiser to help me buy a new one! Please help me out by donating right here, I really want a new one!

  11. I was so confused when you said a 'gnat', because I've never heard of that before lmao. If any British people like me have never heard it before, I think they're just midges 😂😂

  12. 1.) NATS: use a empty jar,( i used Starbucks frape glass jar) and put a little but vinegar and then a small piece of fruit, then use a newspaper to make a funnel down into the jar not touching the vinegar. the knats will get trapped in the jar and die or you can set them free outside LOL.

    2.) big fan, because i actually do what you do and buy things at the thrift store and remake them! however your much better skilled, didnt major in fashion design, but its just a side hobby. (really hoping to start a thrift channel of some sort!)

    3.) love the hair and glasses! you look so good! please keep the glasss i feel like they are apart of you aesthetic and have been missing this whole time!

  13. Greetings from Australia again! Three Transfos I'd Love to see: 1: Gold/White Curtain meets Gold/Purple Formal; 2: Blue Velvet Reworked; 3: Pale Blue for Summer Styled by your Sister!
    Thanks & as always, looking forward to Future Transfos!

  14. With that jeans skirt you can use the top part of the skirt to a skirt and use the bottom part to do a top or like sweatheart top so that its a two piece


  16. Also I am really inspired by your videos and I am going to start in fashion design. By the way there are some great traps for nats where they can go in but won't come back out on pinterest.

  17. IDK if anyone answered you about the gnat problem but get apple cider vinegar put it in small bowls. I'm not sure if you have to but I use glass custard cups. Fill the small glass bowl filled with the vinegar 3/4 of the way. Then take any dish soap and put 2 to 3 DROPS in it to break the service tension. We had left fruit out and had sooo many they were everywhere. I did it for less than a week like 5 days and they were all gone. Every day you will see a bunch of them in the bottom of the bowl.

  18. The Lacey pants you have look super hippie dippie,, please do not cut them!! lol, as for your gnat problem I suggest leaving out a water bottle w some juice (my mom uses wine,) and cut out some tiny holes into the cap. It will attract them into the bottle and trap them! Then you can just throw out the bottle. Just don't leave the bottle out too long, cause then you may have to deal with your mold problem:o

  19. Did anyone else thought too that those long black pants looked sooo perfect on her that they also could have been easily custom-made for her amazing figure?!😂😍(PS. I personally love pants with such a length)

  20. I am such a big fan! Your fan base name should be the Coolers. This is my sixth time watching this video because i love seeing different items that you will transform. Can you please do another vlog style video of you looking through Savers or any other thrift store?

  21. Use water, place it under the light source. They will fly to it. It works for me, I hope it'll work for you too. I love your videos by the way, you're my fav YouTuber

  22. Get a small bowl and put some apple cider vinegar, a little bit of dish soap, and honey in it and cover it with plastic wrap, poke holes into it, and put it where there are more gnats. It works for my family and gets rid of all the gnats. Good Luck!

  23. ya you all ready transformed that velvet and just like i sid it would look nice on and it did and you transformed that velvet ep 46 it looked awsome thank you for chousing that velvet dress and transforming it for me realy like your vidos and ep 46 were you transformed that velvet dress oh could message me on facebook my name is joan baker look under canso ns give me the of the savers web site and the tred up


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