Sean Murray Tells You Everything in No Man’s Sky Beyond


Let the creator of No Man’s Sky walk you through everything in his team’s new mega-update.

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  1. But what do you actually do in nms? Not hating just wondering? I mean basebuildinh is fine. Some farming and animal milking. Is there a point, i mean am i working towards a thing?

  2. There are just 2 Studios who made a massive Comeback with their Games that need more Respect: Digital Extremes with Warframe and Hello Games with No Man's Sky

  3. Hello Games received all the criticism and decided to prove us wrong. Constant updates transformed NMS into a beautiful and addicting game. Well done Sean, you have my respect. I am a very old school gamer and I can safely say that this is the greatest comeback in gaming history. I'll see you out there

  4. I think an all inclusive version of this game will be produced and sold as "NMS EPIC!" Not only has Sean Murray, Hello Games and NMS secured its spot in gaming history, the game itself is nothing short of mind blowing. Congratulations to all the brilliant and talented people who worked so hard on NMS from its conceptualization to Beyond!

  5. Incredible, jumped back on last night and cant wait for the new update.

    This is a free update too. This is how you redeem yourself.

    If this was a Paradox game creature riding alone would be £15.

  6. I shall humbly eat my words and tip my hat off to Sean Murry and Hello Games. I'm honestly proud of you guys for powering through and turning a dung heap into pure gold

  7. He seems very genuinely happy for how far this game has come. It’s nice to see game developers/ designers actually be proud of the work their team has put into a game. This game started off rocky for sure but it’s definitely came a long way. They deserve all the love that they’re getting. Finally bought this too just the other day. Can’t wait to see what I find!

  8. i think hello games has made one of the biggest turnarounds in gaming history… they went from the most hated developers to now have built some actual trust with the community

  9. I wanna see the faces of all the haters who went absolute crazy when this game released and NOW believing what it can be and that actually devs there care for this game xD..
    This is the most legendary comeback of any game out there and look. ITS FUCKIN FREE.. Everything so far has been free and its gonna be so much more .

  10. Hello games had a rough start with the release of No man's sky but they pulled through and did something amazing. The world needs more developers like Hallo games. If they had a patreon account I would happily support them.

  11. I liked the game from day one although it wasn't the best game in the world there was nothing quite like it, I've dabbled since with the newer updates but I haven't really invest much time into it. I think with the new update I will start a new game and see how it's progressed. My only reservations are that I hated the pop in and the fps could get quite sloppy. Maybe this game should have come out next gen?

  12. "people play in 4 player groups" Ive been trying to get anyone to play this game for months and even hitting the steam community ive only ever cooped with 1 person beside my self at any given time. Ppl dont play this game hardly at all online

  13. I played NMS for the first time a few weeks ago because I wanted to give it a chance, but it was by far the worst gaming experience I have ever had.

    This [Beyond] though? This looks beautiful. This is what I’ve been expecting since the beginning.

  14. No Man's Sky is a textbook example of how publisher pressure and deadlines can kill a game. Mad props to Hello Games for not abandoning this project in spite of the vile feedback they initially received.

  15. from ZERO to HERO! I love(d) the game, got Platinum already and decided to "finish" game, not because I didnt like it, but because I have 200+ games in my ps4 library and I need to move on! But NMS was/is and most likely will be AMAZING!

  16. It's amazing I do love it still I just wish there were metropolitan areas or settlements on planets in different systems like old west style outposts that are small with advanced cantinas a hub among npcs that users can visit and galactic factions waring across systems and centralized worlds for said factions and the ability to create a faction and centralized hub or community

  17. I like how he's only talking about what they've already created. Last time it was all about what they were going to create and alot of it never came to fruition, this time it's only about what's already been cooked up. Smart adjustment, he learned from his past mistakes.

  18. Make sure to not forget about how Sean Murray clearly intended to deliberately lie in order to create hype and sales for the game only to fail miserably. Has he redeemed himself? Absolutely not, has he redeemed his game however? Absolutely, my only concern is people forgetting about how scummy of a person this individual truly is.

  19. Murray is totally redeemed and has been true to his word, his dream just took longer to realise. Mr Murray we salute you and now I will buy the game and support hello games in the future. True British spirit.

  20. Such an incredibly rough start. This man took the full brunt of threats and hate mail at the games launch. He then went into depression, dug into his game and worked at it. After what felt like years of silence, hello games comes out with a masterpiece, the masterpiece they promised. And after so much more dedication, hello games creates the space exploration RPG of the century. Sean Murray, to see you talk, wearing the smile of a man who has redeemed himself, truly warms my heart. You have done us a service, and sent a message to greedy megacorporations. No man's sky is the future, of that, there is no doubt.

    I still believe. I always will.

  21. See a game like this is worthy of a re-release it's so different from the base game unlike the 5 versions of skyrim which had 1 or 2 new shiny thing's and everything else is the same

  22. So the first time i ever tried coffee, it was straight black coffee. No cream or sugar or anything and it was horrible and now i hate coffee… I feel the same way about No Man's Sky.


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