Shadow of War: Unlocking the Predator Skill Tree – IGN First


Get your first gameplay look at Shadow of War’s new ability tree as we highlight the Predator skills that turn Talion into a stealthy assassin.

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    Alpha is years before release. Why do people keep saying this is alpha like dumbasses?? Its getting annoying as shit.
    Graphics still don't look bad, but THIS IS NOT ALPHA. They aren't changing much in 4 months idiots. They are in bug fixing, QA and marketing now not much else.
    Stop saying this is Alpha, holy crap

  2. I love how most of the movement, combat, skills etc… are taken from the first game, because it was sooo good there is no need for new things, awesome

  3. That last ability seems pointless… in the previous game you could just attract enemies to the bush you're in and stealth kill… now if you could co and stealth kill him and then be teleported to where the wraith was placed… that would've been better! (Think of tracer from oberwatch or Ekko from lol)

  4. Not really so interested in this one, kind disappointed it's way too much like the last one, just feels like another expansion from it, I don't feel the hype and feel pretty let down to be honest… 🙁

  5. They did a very good job with the animations. First i had the fear this game is probably just Shadow of Mordor 2 with a few more features but they improved the gameplay and animations and stuff very well.

  6. I personally liked shadow of mordor. The gameplay mechanics was quite similar of Assassins Creed but instead of this the game was awesome and fun to play. Especially the story line was great.

  7. Well I fear that this game, although it looks awesome, is gonna be boring fast. In all the gameplay they've shown, no real skill is required. Not even a little bit it seems, that's a bit of a letdown.

    I really hope it's not like that. Then it'd be an awesome game, not some just-hit-the-attack-button game.

  8. If you look at the bottum of the screen you can see summon and under that a caraghor, a spider, a hand (probably uruks) and something else, does anyone know what this is? Maybe a drake but im not sure

  9. Guys I've noticed something unusual about preordering shadow of war on PSN , it says that it'll be available on Jan 2018 is this a problem or will it change

  10. Those shadow skills look really cool. I didn't like the first game tough, so I'll wait for a promotion to get the second, unless the reviews are bombastic.

  11. so basically some of yall gon get fired from work… drop out of school… fail college etc come august 2017 onwards…. smh this game is just looking too good!

  12. "He's too OP" his soul and a wraith are connected and wields an all new ring of POWER giving him supernatural abilities, what'd you expect -.-

  13. RDR2 was delayed to Spring 2018, so it's out of the picture. I think this year's GOTY award is gonna be a race between Shadow of War and Breath of the Wild for first and second, with Horizon Zero Dawn taking a solid third and Resident Evil 7 and Persona 5 fighting for fourth and fifth.


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