Slim and Trim Cardio Workout


In today’s XHIT episode, Rebecca pushes you to the limit with a hardcore full body workout. It’s important to challenge yourself with new and intense routines if you want to lose weight. Lucky for you, we feature new circuits five days a week. What are you waiting for? Work out with Rebecca and GET ADDICTED.

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  1. Thank you Rebecca and xfit team, I follow your workout every week mixed others, and I see the result in two weeks. Thank you guys, and hope this channel will grow bigger and bigger!

  2. great workout as always! Thanks for posting challenging yet not boring workouts. I have a question, where can I get that black circle mat that you are using on your videos? I workout in my garage and the flooring does not have enough traction. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. Oh man, that was intense! Haha, I can't even type right now. I've gotta say, it was a good workout though. Just wondering, for some reason, I can't do side planks so I kind of adjusted it. Is that okay? So instead of doing the plank, what I'm doing is just sort of rolling on my elbows to each side and still sticking my arm up on each side. 

  4. Are there any leg workouts that won't hurt your knees? I'm unable to do lunges and squats for the time being since my knees have been really horrible lately, but I don't want to give up my exercises and let my legs go!


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