Sluts On Halloween


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  1. I put off watching this video for so long because I thought it was going to be yet another bashing of girls dressing “sexy” on Halloween, but here we are. So sorry I ever doubted you, Jenna.

  2. 4:21 "No ones hating on you being a toothbrush," says 7 years ago Jenna. Jump to 2018. Jenna's a toothbrush!!! Freaking love the foreshadowing here Jenna! Btw. You killing it as that toothbrush! You made one heck of ho toothbrush! I appreciate you 😁

  3. Jenna's definitely living out her fantasies in 2018…
    1. became a toothbrush for Halloween
    2. bought a beard & turned herself into 'sexy Jesus'
    3. and now I'm going to hell for typing 'sexy Jesus'

  4. You my friend have done tooooooo many drugs, It goes with the sentencing of your message which is out there, I would kick you ass just for thinking you could relay a message that could help people, I WOULD END YOUR LIFE!, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ANYWAY?.

  5. We shame these sluts because of them they make us females look bad. The more girls act like sluts the more guys think we're all like that. You can be sexy but dress with class. Fuck you sluts!

  6. I saw both this video and the toothbrush Halloween costume video when they originally came out. Now, in 2019, I am rewatching this video and I am slow-clapping it out for you right now. A fucking toothbrush costume. I love you.

  7. Lol….I typed in sluts and got to this. Check this out though: Guys are worse than women with the backstabbing. They'll cockblock at every chance too. Oh, she's married. Oh, she has a boyfriend. Oh, this and oh that. Dudes gossip much much much more as well. You'd be shocked ladies. It's bad. I think it's been reversed a little. Men act like women now. And women act more like men. This world is in trouble. LMFAO. Funny video gangsta girl.

  8. I still remember that slut shaming vid she did around this time 6-7years ago (now taken down). It was weird but she grew from it and now shes a more calm and understanding person and im happy to see her growth. You’re doing good jenna. Proud of your toothbrush


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