Sony Has Trademarked PlayStations 6-10 – IGN Now


Sony has published five new trademarks that secure the company names for up to five generations of potential PlayStation consoles. The trademarks, initially filed for earlier this month, provide Sony with exclusive use of ther terms PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10.


  1. If they keep up with the cycle average of one console about every six years
    That's 30 more years worth of consoles. I'll either be dead or old by then.

  2. Companies like to future proof and be ready so no one else can take they brand. Also they probably did this after what happen with fallout 76 website being joked on so much

  3. Sony has officially confirmed that there will be no PS5 before May 2020. That pegs the launch as early as May 2020, although a reveal at E3 that year in June followed by a launch in November or December 2020 now seems the most likely eventually.

  4. I’ll be 56 if a new PlayStation releases every 6 years by the time the PS10 comes out… Eh, at that point I would probably have switched completely to PC anyways.

  5. The Playstation X will take players from their couches to the actual battlefields of planets around the universe by using a similar technology as seen in the movie Jumanji welcome to the jungle. Beware though just like in the movie you must beat the level to return home and if you lose 3 lives then its Game Over!

  6. Bro at some point the "next gen system" is going to have such a small margin of improvement from the previous that there is no real difference and they have to start arbitrarily making the games exclusive for next gen consoles just to force us to buy the new one

  7. I wonder how much improvement the PS10 will get, 16K compatible, PSVR will be fully immersive, you can touch within the game, I'm sure quite a few gamers will like that, to be able touch and feel the characters, and you will ne able to take it on the gor like the Switch, that would be nice, but I doubt technology will be that advanced when the PS10 releases, maybe for PS20, who knows

  8. Does anyone remember the ads for the PS2 when it was first releasing, and it teased a future where a PS9 was the big thing, and the road there started with the PS2? Who knows? That commercial might actually come true one day.

  9. I don’g get it, I thought Sony obviously had the trademark for the PlayStation brand and then numbers were simply added next to the trademarked word. I mean, does this mean some other company could make a product and call it PS11? I didn’t know the number was part of the trademark and that it had to be registered each time as a separate trademark.

  10. It's great news 😀 but doesn't matter as for now just because Ps5 will be too expensive as Ps4 is in standard edition and PRO version is double the price ;/ You have to save money for months to buy a console and than save to buy one single game which is also expensive ;/

  11. Oof. I get why change something that works, but jesus it's so bland and generic and stale at this point. It took 3 generations to change the controller, guess it'll take at least 10 before name change.

  12. Lets say PS6 launchs in 2030, which is 10 years after PS5. and then PS7 in 2040, and PS8 in 2050 and PS9 in 2060 and PS10 in 2070…. by then i'll be 76 years old 😂 i hope to be alive till then to see it


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