Sony: The Future For The PS Vita Remains Unclear – IGN News


The future of the PS Vita is still up in the air, with no guarantees we’ll see any more Western triple-A titles for the handheld.


  1. i wish sony had truly gotten behind it. awesome hardware and potential. got terrible support with marketing and games. also, proprietary expensive memory cards was an awful decision.

  2. They really just need to focus on making GOOD games that you can't get anywhere else. I mean, you have to at least try to make games for the console in order for it to sell.

  3. Cause Sony up fucked in nearly every aspect. Memory cards, games, this reliance on PS4. None of the games that made PSP worth having are on Vita No exclusive GoW, FF, KH, MH, GTA. Where are these games? MH moved to 3DS. Square Enix put more games on 3DS. AT best Vita gets PS2 ports of notable series but, NOT it's own exclusive version. This reliance on remote play making the PS Vita a accessory to PS4. A nice feature but, should not be a reason to get a Vita. Ppl wonder why Vita does poorly it's MOSTLY because of games.Vita is the strongest handheld but, power means nothing if games that ppl want are not there. 

  4. I'm keeping my vita forever best handheld ever it has that ps2 feeling because of all the ps2 remakes which I love gaming night jak x on ps2 jak 1,2,3 on vita it's perfect milkshakes McDonald's I luv my vita it's a portable ps2/ps3 an my 8gb card is for saves an ps mobile games 2gb for small games an 6gb for saves patches updates etc its the handheld I always wanted

  5. The VITA has a lot of potential, SONY fucked it up! Seriously the PSP was more successful I think, even though it was hacked or modded for free games that you download in the internet! Maybe someone should do the same! 

  6. I'm a Nintendo gamer (only playing on the 3DS at the moment), and I must say that I loved the competition that the PSP brought – it launched the DS to crazy levels with tons of games and original content. Vita seems like an easy win for Nintendo, so they don't even have to try as hard. 
    Sony is treating its PSV owners like shit, with a few good titles at the start and then pretty much nothing. If I had it I would be seriously pissed, having to pray for someone, anyone to release a game on the system that isn't an indie title or a multiplatform release. 
    I'm buying a new title for the 3DS every two weeks and I'm nowhere near running out of good games, with most of them being unique releases such as Resident Evil, Ridge Racer, Layton, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Combat, Bravely Default and many more, not counting the load of first party titles. 
    Vita pretty much finished on Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Wipeout, as Sony realised they won't be wasting their precious time and money on it. This will probably be the last handheld for Sony, and it's not good, because people will either go mobile or just leave gaming altogether if there's not enough competition to keep things interesting.

  7. Why are people so caught up trying to make "remote play" a thing? I don't see how it's a game-changer. Why would I want an extra $200 piece of hardware just so I can play PS4 from it? If I'm at home and want to play my PS4, I'll just play my PS4. Someone please explain how this makes sense.

  8. i think the vita is great and love mine. it might not be for everyone but it is good for me. i am still trying to catch up with all the amazing vita games i missed out on before and there is more then i expected with more coming out.

  9. Remote play is horrible, to much detail on watchdog, kill zone and infamous make it hard to see what's happening on the small screen, trials handles like shit and ufc is almost passable!
    I picked up uncharted, kill zone, wipe out and sly for 15 pounds each on Vita and for that money they are excellent, downloaded motostorm rc, gravity rush and hotline Miami for vita and couldn't be happier! It is an excellent machine and needs more support Sony!
    ( I'm not a fan boy, I am currently playing games on PS4, 3DS, Ipad3, Vita, my faithful 360, PS3, Galaxy note 3 ( nes emulator ) and my Alien ware MX18 ).

  10. Don't have the PS Vita so can't say more Triple A games on that would be exciting but good for you vita guys "). I just really hope Sony start developing more triple A exclusives for the PS4 other than Uncharted, The Order and BloodBourne, haven't played my PS4 in months now. Been playing Uncharted 3 multiplayer and just bought the Legendary Edition of Skyrim for PS3 and its got me hooked.

  11. Vita is a good handheld console. the only bad thing is that there is no games! Which makes all that power the vita had go to waste …..

    You know as well as I do that vita need more games and exclusive! this is an easy win for nintendo ….. we need competion or else the mobile phone gaming will take over!! That's a big no no no no no!

  12. Who cares about WESTERN triple-A titles? Handhelds never had western support. As long as Japan Studio (SCE company) and other Japanese companies continue to support it I'm happy. Honestly, SCEA handling of the Vita in the West has been abysmal but it's still selling strong in Japan

  13. I have more than enough to play on my vita. I do not know why the vita needs AAA games to be a good system. With the frequent ps plus games I never seem to run out of games to play.

  14. Of course they have to bring new AAA titles to Vita! If I'm traveling I can't use remote play or plastation now, so I need Vita titles too!! That's what the vita was made for: GAMING ON THE GO!

  15. As a Vita owner I want quality exclusives like Tearaway and Gravity Rush, but I don't really care if they put Uncharted or Infamous on it. Not really interested when they have console big-bros that are functionally and visually superior.

  16. I have a vita but no ps4 so how is remote play a future let alone a feature for me? Sony that is bs, and It makes me not want to buy a ps4, because why should I support you for this?

  17. Hi Sony
    I don't want to fucking use the vita as a ps4 accessory. I had a ps4 and simply sold it, and ill probably be moving to PC next year or just give up on gaming. The only gaming device I love so far is the vita, which I have a great extensive backlog of games on. Maybe if you marketed the vita, along with cutting down the ridiculous memory card prices, the vita would be selling well. Stop acting like a complete braindead idiot that doesn't know what the hell they are doing! There's still no Gta for the syatem, and no killer app that will help sell the vita system. I don't want to have to rely on psnow to play ps3 games, because im mostly out and about. I don't mind if we get more ports, I don't want to have to rely on the internet and rent games, its retarded! Sony you're completely fucking stupid. I can just see the company going out of business soon because their brain is completely scrambled!

  18. I don't get what is the problem in defining its place ? I do not think they need to chain it to PS4 but they really need to invest, yes, in AAA games, there is no way around it, Sony needs to pull the big guns out before it takes the Vita to the early grave.

    It is too hard to developer the games for Vita? If it is just redesign the thing (or find a work around) and make it easier to do so.

    It is a great portable, with great games already, I Love my Vita but, it needs more attention and more AAA, period 😉

  19. Well it's basically you and the developers fault sony,we supported it and you haven't even cared about it like the PSP,this PSV is so underrated because of you,you haven'y showed it some respect like the PSP,we don't want the "remote play" shit,all we need is just some AAA games,like GTA,InFamous,God Of War (we don't want remakes),A game like Skyrim,etc.

  20. I don't even care about US games anymore on Vita… so boring~
    All i care is the Japanese games on Vita, its a lot more interesting than the US game lineup for Vita.

    It Rocks in Japan but failed in US. That's why everyone is complaining about it here~

    Vita itself is a powerful handheld better or the best specs handheld out there, just that it's being dragged down by the games~

  21. Sony can revive it with 2 simple methods:
    Price Cuts, on both the system AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the Memory Sticks cause they are Way Over-priced.
    Marketing and Re-Marketing, Market the games that are coming, and Reassure the consumers of the great games that you already have, like: Uncharted:GA, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, LBP PS Vita, Tearaway, Killzone, MGS 2&3 HD, UMvC3, SF X TK, Persona, and more…. 

  22. psssshhhhh WHAT FUTURE!?
    I have a vita and I only use it to stream Youtube and play Persona 4 Golden.  I'm STILL playing that game (it's freaking awesome).  But unless you do something good, like have Freedom Wars come sooner or more Vita exclusive titles, I dunno how the Vita will survive.

  23. What a weak and vile thing. You can rest in hell. A puff of air could sell more than this pile of shit.
    They should've called it the PlayStation Mortem, which of course, is the opposite of "Vita," since the that's all that Sony lacks forever more.

  24. The worst thing they can do is to just wait and see what happens to the Vita here in the states.. If they actually tried to make a go at producing exclusive content or even taking some of their other franchises and put a couple of them on the Vita now, it could pick up quite a bit more momentum.  

    The Vita has been selling better than it has for a long time, now is the time for them to put out some more games, not sit by and expect third parties to carry it along. I don't get why they are so reluctant to push the system.  They did hardly anything to advertise for it when the system first launched.  If they just tried to listen to consumers, they would understand the type of games we actually want.

  25. I've had my Vita for a year now and bought it with the release of Tearaway. The only game that's released since then that I've bought was PS Vita Pets, but gave up when I had to resort to online walkthroughs to figure out how to go shopping and how to actually walk the dog.

  26. Sony never supported the Vita in the States.  I don't recall seeing a single commercial for it.  Also, they sure haven't given it much of a chance while realizing the stiff competition from 3DS and even from the PS4 and Xbox One.  It hasn't even been two years, has it?  People have only so much money and gaming priorities take place.  Personally, I think people do want to buy a PS Vita, but they have to buy other things first.  And then there's the games.  Killzone: Mercenary was awesome, but they needed a Ratchet and Clank game, and a better Call of Duty.  Sly Cooper on the Vita was fun and Uncharted: Golden Abyss was pretty good too, but they have to keep it coming.  There should definitely be another Killzone on the Vita.  Sounds to me like Sony is throwing in the towel way, way too early.  The Vita is hot Japan, but the PS4 isn't.  Are they going to stop supporting the PS4 in Japan?  Doubtful.

  27. It will be fine in Japan dunno about here. But you all forget the psp started out like this and them became the preferred handheld over the DS in Japan amd the UK. America just not as much. Especially for anime games and jrpgs. So maybe the Vita will have a turn around line the psp. Though also having a new main console does mean more attention on that from developers. Especially with ps4 doing so well.

  28. You see if the vita had good titles like infamous or gta ,skyrim people would buy but no right they have indie shit come you Japanese shit heads your suppose to be smart but your letting wii u and 3ds take over


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