Sony Unveils New Details For Their Spider-Verse – SJU


Our SJU panel talks new Sony Spider-Verse details, Dark Phoenix reshoots, and more from the world on screen! – it’s SJ Universe

Hosted by Roth Cornet, Joe Starr, and Dan Murrell
Featuring Danielle Radford

Produced by BIlly Patterson
Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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  1. When do people realize that Kinberg is a hack? He hasn't done a single good thing.. I heard him on THR roundtable, he had so many weird points and didn't want to admit that The Last Stand was a shitty movie… he doesn't care about how he adapt these comics..

  2. Why does Marvel have to be shoehorned into Disney's "family friendly brand"? The entire reason I like Marvel comic/movies is because its not just another Disney princes story/movie.

  3. I thought Sophie Turner was a great actress in GoT, but it's the " every thing sounds smart with a British accent" situation, because that shitty American accent she has, really made me question if she's even a competent actress

  4. Make venom your Spider-Man of this Spider-Man-less universe. That way sable and kraven can hunt him. He can have savage fights with carnage. Then if they have Spider-Man in a movie he's the bad guy in venoms eyes

  5. Speaking of shared universe animated movies, there's the DC animated movies. It started out focusing on Batman, but has branched out to the Justice League and Teen Titans, adapting storylines like Flashpoint, the first New 52 Justice League storyline, Throne of Atlantis, Judas Contract and recently Death of Superman ( to be followed up by Reign of the Supermen next year). It's not setting the world on fire, but it's doing well enough to continue and for Elseworlds storylines like Gotham by Gaslight to be adapted for animated film.Not to mention there was also a revival of the Adam West Batman series that only got two animated films before the sad passing of our great chum Adam West. One of the developing storylines was a relationship between Batman and Catwoman. The second one, Batman vs Two-Face, brought William Shatner in to voice Two-Face and Harvey Dent's character design looked like Shatner did in the 60's.

  6. It's interesting how dark Phoenix and captain marvel, both having close release dates, will feature 90s and apparently skrulls. Even if the deal is fresh and not totally done, they must already think about the future by looking at what's on the table

  7. darn it Billy if you are going to speak use a freakin microphone, everytime you speak is like one minute of silence and im doin the dishes and shit and cant hear a word you say, so yeah get that billy a camara and a mic

  8. I love you screen junkies 🙂 keep up the great stuff. I love SJU with all my heart no matter which panel of people is on the screen. That says a lot about how great you guys are ❤️

  9. I am losing hope for venom… I am sad. Like imagine having Spider-Man and Venom team up and having a scene where Spidey and Venom are planning on working together, and they come across bad guys and u see venom just jump towards them, camera still on spidey, you hear terrified screams and violent noises, and Spideys animated suit eyes just widen in horror, and when venoms done lil Tom Holland and his lil Tom holland squeaky voice can freak out towards him and venom would be responding in his dark brooding voice arguing back at him. It could just be such an entertaining antithesis that having an R rated venom movie would just make that more define. And you don’t even really have to show venom doing the hardcore R stuff, that would be fine as long as there both on screen having an interesting dynamic. Like come on 😭. You don’t have to water down ya movie broooo.

  10. The MonsterVerse is doing fine Dan. Legendary's Godzilla 2014 and Kong: Skull Island had been doing well in the box-office and getting some good receptions after the MCU. I still enjoy the DCEU and I'm glad Aquaman is going to be about Aquaman himself while still connected to a bigger universe. Plus, it was sad to see that Girl Squirrel being heartbroken after Arthur turn back into a human in Disney's The Sword in the Stone.

  11. I disagree with the panel on when they said "Logan" would not have worked if all the wolverine stuff didn't come out. I watched the first X-men and i did not like it.. therefore i didn't watch any of the others except apocalypse for some reason anyway so i basically only saw snippets of wolverine here and there.. but i LOVED Logan its definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time, it worked because it was a GOOD movie. People would have still loved it, maybe the impact for a lot of fans wouldn't be as high but i think if you make a good movie that's enough.

  12. I don't see the purpose of Disney/Fox dumping more money into an X-men franchise neither they nor movie fans want to see. Take the loss. Bury the movies on Hulu. Use your resources on developing properties with potential.

  13. What about planning ahead means that Sony isn't focused on making Venom good? Marvel obviously were planning ahead when they made Iron Man. You guys are jumping to assumptions.

  14. I think Sony should bring back Andrew Garfield for their Spider-verse, and continue Amazing Spiderman as the " 23409-Universe " where it's just spiderman characters. The MCU is the '616' of the movies, the Main Universe, and the "Spider-verse" is considered an "alternate reality". Then you can still have some pop into the MCU through one of the Spider-based multi-verse stories, like…Spiderverse, where even the Animated Series version of Spiderman shows up in it, all Roger Rabbit like "classic toon in the real world" visuals.

  15. Every single time I've heard The Meg mentioned by name, somewhere in my brain I've heard Peter Griffin say, "Shut up, Meg" Thank you Joe Starr for the perfect ending to this video xD

  16. The key to make a Silver Sable movie work is to make it a team movie since she does lead a team of mercenaries and bounty hunters called the Wild Pack. So they should just make a SILVER SABLE AND THE WILD PACK movie.

    The VENOM movie doesn't need to be rated R since the character is NOT and has NEVER been an R rated character. Even when he had his own series of mini series back in the 90's, Venom was not an R rated character and the books were Code approved all ages comic. Also Venom never really ate anyone in the comics.

  17. I’m convinced we are only getting X-Men piecemeal into the MCU, eventually(like F4, Wolverine, unused Villains; AND, Marvel wants a X-CU alongside the MCU. One they will build themselves.
    Maybe even along the lines of Deadpool/Logan R-rating.

  18. Can someone please explain to me how SJ was bought by Fandom yet they are still shooting in 720p and the audio is still low/ok when they talk and to loud when the get excited or "yell"

  19. I freaking love Dan's rants!!! They're so on point yet angry, but angry in this little box.There should be a series of vids just based on that lmao that may be asking too much tho

  20. Not being able to follow the conversation every time Billy says something is just super frustrating. Either give him a mic or keep the conversation between the panelists.

  21. Black Cat pre-dated Domino by like a decade. She first pretended to have bad luck powers by setting traps. Then she got real ones, but they actually were causing Spider-Man bad luck too. He dumped her when he found out the powers came from The Kingpin. Spider-Man had Dr. Strange purge him of the bad luck, which cause a backlash at the source and her powers changed to cat-like agility and strength.

    In actuality, the Toby Maguire movies got Peter's age most acurately from a relative time scale. He was only in High School for a couple of years in comics and was in college and grad school through the 70's and 80's.

  22. Part of the problem is with marketing. WWE had this problem during the Attitude era where they were pushing "adult" content, but still marketing toys to kids. They got a lot of flak for that. A lot of corporate partners won't work with you on an R rated movie because it limits the market too much.

  23. Easy peezy
    * Let Marvel do what they want with the live action spider verse characters under similar contracts as used with MCU spiderman.
    * In return Disney should let sony use their mcu stable of characters in their animated spider verse movies.
    Win win all around!!

  24. I wonder if there is a point where Disney/Marvel could just sue Sony and take back the rights. Like, is there a point where they could claim that Sony is just hurting marvels brand?

  25. tony is about to reverse the snap and wanda says to him, make something to help "the miracles" gifted kids likeme and my brother and when they reverse the sanp xvaviers school is there

  26. Spoiler warnings! I am pretty sure the reshoots involve the finger snap. Has anybody thought anything about it? if so, what do you guys think is the best way to incorporate both franchises?

  27. Venom being rated R would've been the one defining thing for the movie. We've seen almost every kind of tone represented in the Superhero genre, except for gory genre exploitation. Yes Deadpool and Logan were very gory, but one is a straight comedy and the other straight drama. To have an absurd, disgusting, violent, metal Venom movie would put but butts in seats for sure. Not 10% of butts from every demo, but 90% of butts from one or two demos, which will end up working better. Without the R rating, they might as well have made this in 2007.

  28. First things first, Sony needs to focus on clearing hurdles. Primarily, that means releasing "Venom" and having it do SO WELL it warrants a sequel, let alone a universe.

    I want a "Peter Rabbit" sequel!

  29. SONY : Hey Disney, I was thinking like, um, well I just got some new action figures and my Mum's making nachos. Do you wanna come over?

    DISNEY : No! You just want my toys. My toys are mine!


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