[Special Clip] KARD _ You In Me


[Special Clip] KARD _ You In Me

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A perfect group dance performance of the talented group KARD
KARD’s explosive performance with great chemistry, as they came back with a deeper sensibility
Check out the dreamy performance on [Special Clip], which is different from the music video now!


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  1. SOMIN
    Alright I've been meaning to say this for a while but Somin is such a great dancer, despite not being like…"dance line" I guess. She's known for her amazing vocals, but damn she really delivers on the dancing when she totally doesn't have to try this hard. I really appreciate her dancing– and I know she has to practice a ton to be so fluid when she moves! Some people have natural talent and some people work really hard…Somin, I appreciate you!! You put 100% into everything and it shows! <3
    Jiwoo is a naturally talented dancer and honestly my eyes always stray to her whenever they perform…this whole group is so well balanced; their ability to blend different dancing styles and power into one unit is unique and really well done. I wish them all the success and happiness in the world! STAN KARD

  2. After watching various video incarnations of 'You in Me', I'm starting to get a 90s vibe from the whole choreo and the song lol. Speaking of, their dancing was really powerful here. Especially in the solo shots.

  3. idk why every one is telling the choreographer should change but i kard's choreography is something that i love and feel the most and i don't really mind it being repetetive because thats what makes me know that its kard's choreography its their style it fits them well i want them to stay the same(not exactly same but similar) to their style.

  4. am i the only one who notices how both j.seph and somin are sharp, fleek dancers while bm and jiwoo's moves tend to be a little smoother and laid back but powerful at the same time???

  5. I love BM's part. He's the only person that put some acting and emotion into his solo camera portion of the song. Everyone looked stoic, like only their lips were moving to say the lyrics. He seriously was underrated in this comeback. He conveyed so much emotion!… At least he has really highlighted in "Bomb Bomb." Hopefully J.seph will get his moment in a comeback one day, before he goes to the military. However, they really gave J.seph the best outfits in this comeback, unlike other comebacks… 🙁


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