Spider-Man Easter Egg In ‘The Avengers’?


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The Amazing Spiderman was ALMOST a part of The Avengers, creating hope and fantasy in Marvel fans. Thanks to Latino Review, we have the scoop!

This collaboration became a possibility because of the production designer for The Amazing Spiderman, J Michael Riva, who not only designed the Oscorp Tower for ASM, but also designed sets for hits such as The Goonies and The Incredible Hulk.

Because of his design overlap and the breath-taking beauty of Oscorp Tower, Marvel Studios and Sony seriously considered including the Oscorp Tower in the Manhattan skyline designed for The Avengers. Although the potential overlap in design sets did not work out due to timing, the fact that the Amazing Spider-Man was almost included in the Avengers is enough to excite any and all Marvel fans.

After the possibility for a colalboration became public, Matt Tolmach, The Amazing Spiderman’s producer, released a statement saying that they would love to do more crossovers, on a smaller scale.

So I want to know what YOU think! Would you have liked to have seen a “Unified Marvel Manhattan Skyline”? Or would the unification have been too much to include in The Avengers? Let us know by commenting below, and be sure to hit that subscribe button to keep it locked on clevver movies, your number one source for movie news!


  1. Never.

    I love Spiderman, but that emo bastard isn't Spiderman.  He's a snarky asshole who utterly fails at being likable, and publicly shows his affection for the people he's supposedly trying to keep safe by hiding his identity.  Good plan.

  2. even just to see spidey swing by and say "hello" would be a funny thing. Rights and paperwork and greed. People, help eachother out and you can actually make more money that way, its not a competition. Its a support system.

  3. Ok every body think of the avengers last scenes when the wer fighting the tritary now amagine the amazing spider man 2 movies and him swinging and kicking but now put spidy in that avengers battle and with ur knollege of spidys fighting style amagine him fighting in that battle and how sick it would be MAN the chills

  4. I don't think Spider-Man should be an avenger, he doesn't fit the role. However, I think a Spider-Man/Fantastic Four crossover would be quite cool, as it could be future foundation or something, as they are all part of that.

  5. Yes Spider-Man needs to be in the avengers just add a new power to Spider-Man he already has spider sense super strength agility webs fast reflex and climb walls yall should add 5 times more strength to him make him alot stronger

  6. ╱╱╱╱━╱╳╳╳╲━╲╲╲╲╲ 
    ╲╲╲━━╲╳╳╳╱━━╱╱╱  he will come

  7. guys collaborating and joining the team are 2 different things, i think they should stay separate in action, but just acknowledge the coexistence, by a hint of the name, a building, discussing him in scene, or may be just a cameo, they both run by New york, it well be super cool if they can join the universe, but stay separate movies 🙂

  8. Hell yeah, including the entire Marvel Universe together is what will get Marvel, Sony, and even 20th Century Fox the most money, they'd be stupid not to work together on these projects.

  9. if you ask me it sounds dumb especialy Phalvesaurus's idea with Fantastic four mostly because they battle the same man over and over with no success we allways know he's going to come back alive or come back so joining the avengers is a bad idea but xmen sounds good joining them.

  10. also the spider man movies sucked they would really just screw up the movie even though captain america dies spider man should really not have like five of his own movies until they make one thats good.

  11. DuHhhhhhhh! What a dumb question! Like somebody is going to have apoint of veiw like " I say NO! I'm a PURIST and I don't want too many super hero's in a movie distracting me! – I only want to watch ONE at a time just like my grandpappy did!"

  12. A little Spidey cameo would have been cool! Perhaps a mugger or two hanging from a a bridge wrapped in webbing and spidey on the ground telling aunt MJ " I am not getting involves in this one, I promise!"

  13. yeah thanks for the pointless video retards. Obviously you were just trying to spread rumors around to help gain views on your channel. Also do you know what a easter egg is? cause you clearly dont know what it is as that is just pre-movie rumors about maybe Spiderman is in it. We know he isnt cause of that damn legal issues. Also if you ARE gonna say there is a easter egg….SHOW THE EASTER EGG. Dont talk about news about "oh yeah he was gonna be there and now i guess not….you want him to be in there?"….like seriously thats bad reporting.

  14. Para todas las personas fui a ver avengers 2 y en una parte Tony stark dice : si ya que e tenido problemas con Oscorp ( eses el edificio de los enemigos de Spiderman)

  15. i heard MCU finished rendering the 3d model of the Oscorp tower for advertisement but didn't have time to put it in the movie so they left it out.

  16. For all of you saying that Spider-Man will only make a cameo in the Civil War film, I would have to respectfully disagree. Spider-Man was one of the 3 main characters in the comic books, playing a sort of 'go-between' for Captain America and Iron Man. He should play a fairly large role in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film, otherwise they aren't really staying true to the comics they created.

  17. no he should not spider man should not because he can't leave his aunt may she can't take care of her self all the time an if he does stay with he's aunt but joins the avengers he will have to web to them an waste he's webs

  18. WHY WOULDNT IT BE!?!?!?!?! SPider man is a HUUUUUUGE part of the avengers line up so if they dont include him i would be rather disappointed BUT ONLY if its marvel i donno if i can take anymore of sonys lame spidey flicks… if u wanna do it right hand it over to marvel(like u finally have) and let them create the new spider man or incorporate him back into the avengers… it wont be the full lineup with any spidey.

  19. if spidy is gonna be in a crossover he in at least one point ware his iron spider costume. It looks awesome and was made by tony stark him self

  20. This would've been just AWESOME! Such a terrible bummer it never happened. If it did, The Amazing Spider-Man film series would've still continued after the initial 2012 installment and 2014 sequel with its last two sequels and three spin-offs, (i.e., The Sinister Six, Venom Carnage, and Black Cat), and serving as one of the sub-series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a rather hardcore Amazing Spider-Fan and an enthusiast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'll always and forever and ever be bummed out about this, knowing it never happened but should've.


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