Spider-Man Fans React to Spider-Man Leaving the MCU – D23 2019


We hit the show floor at D23 Expo 2019 to find out straight from the fans what they think of Sony and Disney not being able to find a way to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. Their take? “Make a deal!”

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  1. I agree with all of these people honestly but does anyone truly know if he's still a part of the MCU or not, for sure? People are saying that they made a deal but I don't completely believe them!😤😤😓😓

  2. For real when spider man leaves it's like all the hype and build up for him to be the main character for the mcu was for nothing now there's really no reason to watch the mcu well if they give nova a movie then I'll change my mind

  3. No I dont wanna go into that place again I dont trust sony making a spiderman movie by themselves, I remember last time they did that with amazing spiderman 2 and it was amazingly terrible I saw nothing but bad reviews I dont wanna go through that again

  4. No happiness for anyone. First,everyone wants Spiderman to join Venom. And now we have an opportunity at that,they want to remove Spiderman from the MCU. Like wtf. I wish Stan was still here. He could've gotten a deal done.

  5. I'm honestly really disappointed about Spider-Man being out of the MCU. It worries me for his future, because I'm scared the movies could turn it bad, but hopefully not.


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