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According to Deadline, Marvel Studios will not produce any further Spider-Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to an inability between Sony Pictures and Disney to reach new terms that would have given Disney a co-financing stake moving forward.

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  1. In some ways I’m glad I mean not that I hated him it’s just it was time to move on after thinking what happened to Tobey with him I was sad that was my favorite one sadly couldn’t rehire him anymore since he wasn’t like 20 anymore

  2. When Tom Holland joins the MCU
    Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan: that kid is a problem (2016)
    When Tom Holland leaves the MCU and it angers the fans
    Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan: what have we done? (2019)

  3. Not sure how Marvel lost the right the use their own characters in their movies, but I'm sure it made a lot of sense at the time. I hope one day Sony realizes they'll never do Spider-Man justice on their own and let Marvel do their thing. It's just so damn frustrating watching the character go down the shitter over and over

  4. Stan Lee will never gonna like this if he is still alive. Spiderman is one of the favourites of Stan Lee. I'm really disappointed that spiderman will be cut from mcu

  5. i want to revolt against sony so bad…. i mean SONY u guys are losers if u take away spiderman away from mcu what are u going to do with him anyway? start a new venom vs spiderman or sinister six i am not going to watch sony pictures now

  6. I have always and continue to hate Sony. They have to be top 10 worst companies ever. They are going to ruin Spider-Man just like they did before. It is crystal clear from Venom that they have no idea wtf they are doing. This is worse than no mods on ps4……

  7. To hell with Disney! Disney tries to control and own everything. They wouldn’t even let a little boys family put Spider-Man on a tombstone!! That’s evil fookin Disney

  8. Sony: We Don’t Care About Tom Holland Except Their Privileged!!! Except Their Deal!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

    Disney & Marvel/MCU: [CONFUSED SCREAMING]

    Me: [LAUGHS LIKE HELL] There Sony Said It!!

  9. I don't mind this. VENOM 2 is being directed by Andy Serkis who's amazing at making CGI films. Wouslnt mind seeing a Spiderman vs venom movie. If you dont know, Andy serkis is the actor who played Gollum and was Ceaser in Planet of the Apes.

  10. My thoughts while Spider-Man is not in MCU. Phase 4 can be about something else and not focus anything from previous events. Phase 5 can be about introducing new heroes. Fair way for not to mention Spider-Man. This also can work. MCU Spider-Man is pulled out from his world and lands on Sony's Universe. As long as Sony does know what they're doing. It all can be forgiven right.


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