Spider-Man Swings His Way Back to the MCU – IGN Daily Fix


Spider-Man is back in the MCU, Mortal Kombat 11 is getting a co-op mode, and a hacker keeps finding more creepy stuff in P.T.

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  1. So they pulled another James Gunn? Fine by me. At least they didn’t take so damn long this time. Honestly, as long as we get Spider-Verse 2, Disney and Sony can do whatever the hell they wants with Spidey.

  2. Ya know what I don't even know anymore man they say he's back then I see everywhere he's gone again then back, ugh make up your mind sony and marvel

  3. P.T is probably one the single biggest mistakes in gaming history. What I mean by that is the game got dropped and it had high potential never have been impressed by a teaser like this. Saddens so much wasted potential that will never see the light of day. Lucky I still have this on my PS4

  4. I actually remember reading about this before, this is actually part of the original deal, they kinda had no choice but to agree to a third movie. So don't be surprised if its over after the 3rd movie

  5. Do some people just simply cant do the Spiderman hand gesture properly, like in the thumbnail? Just asking cause it's really bizarre, even Stan Lee did it the same way, like if they can't bend their thumbs or something.

  6. Sydnee has been present for 2weeks, 10 consecutive weekdays, Monday to Friday, so I always click the video when I saw her in thumbnail, if she will be absent, I hope only Jacky jing and frachesca Rivera is her substitute

  7. MK11 is confusing, so do you see the boss’s deplete from the other fights wile you fight?? Also what if somebody K.L’s him so is the fight then over??


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