Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – The Final Hands-On Impressions


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a much bigger, deeper game than we expected.



  1. The mention of dismemberment really pointed something out to me in this video and it would bother me to no end if I played the game. Yes you can dismember enemies, but apparently only as a finishing move. Somehow you are slashing and cutting bots and animals 5 or 6 times with no visible damage… just a stumble animation until finally you wear their health down and that last hit is as if your light sabre FINALLY turned on at that moment just slicing through the enemy like butter (as ANY slice with a light sabre should do EVERY time) and before you were just smacking them around with a light-up billy club.

  2. Everyone bitching about EA, they make incredible games and I think the EARLY ACCESS STEAM ERA brings that to light more than ever. Appreciate buttery smooth animations, well-written story, and polished experience published by a AAA developer.. and stop crying about their microtransactions or any bad decisions they've made. As far as I'm concerned you make more bad decisions on early access titles.

  3. from what i've seen with the gameplay of combat it heavily reminds me of star wars force unleashed does anyone else see this? I may be complete wrong having just seen glimpses of gameplay

  4. I'm actually really looking forward to this. I'm more optimistic than most because I never really play EA published games so I haven't been burned countless times like others.

  5. this game would be much more interesting if the violence wasnt so watered down. it looks like you are hitting people with a glow stick not a light staber.

  6. Instead of having to flail the lightsaber around, it would be cool if the hero deflected a blaster shot like Mace Windu in AotC. Maybe an exp upgrade down the line, just a casual ‘flick away’

  7. What kinda puts me off tho is that there wont be any new game plus – after I 100% this game then what ? No replayability? I want that difference in gameplay that new game plus brings even if it makes the game easier. Just by them saying a single playthrough won't max out the character then without new game plus do we just keep killing enemies aimlessly to max out the skill tree ?

  8. So what exactly is killing these storm troopers? Nothing seems to be cut off. There’s no hole when he stabs. Is he using a big taser stick?

  9. I have already pre-ordered this game because I'm a mark for any thing starwars (no not battle front) so I'm glad to hear this. BUT once upon a time I would have 100 percent believed igns opinions on games etc but not any more , I miss the old days lol

  10. The choice to make dismemberment non human only seems super arbitrary at best and immersion breaking at worst. Like, what logic is there that a light saber can slice through a droid like butter but can't cut through a meat bag storm trooper clone?


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