What i’ve been picking up in time for our summer holiday/for this summer
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Pared Eyewear –
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Pink Bikini – *
Black Bikini – *

White Polka dot top – *
White Wrap top – *
Mermaid flare trousers – *
Red cami – *

Black strappy dress – *
White Crop top – *
Black dress with slit – *
White button down dress – *

Lemon tee – *
Levi’s Top – *

My Ones –
Very Similar – *
Striped version – *
Nude simple espadrilles – *


  1. I loved all you said about motherhood!!! It's how sooooo many of us feel it was lovely and refreshing to hear ! I think honesty about the challenges and speaking frankly helped me get through my challenging times.

  2. I've been subscribed to your channel since you were in your early 20's and have been amazed by your growth throughout all the years. It is amazing to see the woman you have become and to see you get married and have a baby! Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and I wish you nothing but happiness and success! 💜

  3. Another amazing haul! Love when you talk about fashion because you really have your own style and you always just buy things that you really really enjoy, like and will wear! <3

  4. Hey Sammi!! I shop on Zaful regularly and for bathing suits you have to order a size up! My bra size is 34D and I'm usually a US 4/6 in dresses and I order a size Large and sometimes extra large from Zaful! If you contact their customer service, they will exchange the bathing suits for you 🖤

  5. I loooooved this haul so much!!!! the longer black dress with the V cut, girrrrrllll so hot! On another note, I didnt find your comments on motherhood controversial at all. Being a mom is hard and it's not all rainbows and unicorns all the time. I found it refreshing and not to mention brave hear you talk about it. I bet alot of women felt the same way as you!

  6. Loving the bikinis.
    Does Reformation not ship internationally? Why don't you buy the pieces from them?
    They have great and very important sustainable supply chain and eco materials..

  7. I have a personal question for you. Could you do a video about being confident as a tattooed woman? Dont get me wrong; I love my tattoos (Ive got a half sleeve and even some on my legs and foot) but sometimes I find it hard to love them everyday. Somedays I feel crappy about my body and, as a consequence, even about my tattoos. Sometimes I see untattooed woman, thinking they are beautiful and comparing myself for a sec. Sometimes people come to me and say: you cant wear this and that with such visable tattoos, the line of this tattoo is blurred, this tattoo is better than the other one you have,… such comments bother me. I am a young woman (early 20s) trying to love my body but its hard when people tell you their harsh opinions about tattoos and even bodyshame you for what you like/what you want to look like. I like fashion, style and tattoos. It is a important part of me and I love them… but maybe only tattooed women understand. Could you do a video about this kind of topic? Love you btw – thanks for being my inspiration. ♥️

  8. So I just wanna know where that Romper is from because I need it in my whole life. And Sam could you please Please PLEEEASE make a video on how you care for/store your clothing? I'd love to see a useful video like that, especially since your clothes still look of great quality after wear.

  9. Gorgeous!! Can you please do a video all about undergarments?? Which stores have your favorites, which ones to wear with different pieces, etc. Whites, backless, low cut. etc. I would love the advice!


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