Test-Driving Tesla’s Latest Autopilot Update – IGN Now


Tesla’s latest OTA update gives their vehicles even more autonomous control over steering. Daemon and Ryan hit the road for a demonstration.

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  1. Why don't Tesla show the debug information for the AI on the display to make it less eerie for the driver? I mean, I saw a video of other self-driving car that showed the sensor information and car's prediction & waypoint, it help to understand what the AI is thinking. Right now it's like having a ghost driver.

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  3. this is a nitpick, but the camera-man in the back would've had comparable footage with less shake with a smart phone and a gimbal rather than that huge camera with shaky footage.

  4. 5:49 Did Ryan try what happens if put the lane change notification to "off"? It might be a lot faster at making lane changes then, because it wouldn't have to do alerts in advance.

  5. It works really well on my 3 in Southern CA up to moderate traffic. If traffic gets heavy then it’s okay, but lane changes can sometimes take too long. If it’s almost stop and go, the Auto lane change is pretty useless and mostly infuriating to other drivers as it will basically stop to keep looking for a space to get into, or at least that’s what it’s done for the 5 seconds I was brave enough to let it look before taking over. Still, an awesome update and feeling the car basically make navigation decisions itself is incredibly surreal.

  6. Can’t wait for next year to actually buy a Tesla if I can. Seems pretty cool and would be the best car I would ever drive with this auto pilot feature

  7. Gamescoop and Ride The Lightning on a Tesla Adventure…The Future Is NOW. It Does Not Get Better Than This!!!….6:02, not necessarily overtime but when the cars communicate with each other it’s when the radical change will happen. Thank you.

  8. If you could keep you big hands waving all out of the place that would make the video that would be way better.  Just clutters up and very distracting

  9. Humans kill thousands in car accidents every day, no one bats an eye.

    A couple self driving cars killed 2 people in the whole year, and every caveman loses their mind.

    Shaking my head.

  10. You realize you can have your knees tapping the wheel from the sides which frees up your hands. That's how I drive my Model 3 on the freeway/highway.

  11. IGN, I know Tesla’s are cool tech, but let’s not pretend all the nerds here in YouTube are even remotely interested in cars or can even afford one with the amount of Mountain Dew addicts among them. Stick to your bias game reviews.

    I’ve driven several Tesla’s. I’ll never let one drive me.

  12. I feel like having to have your hand on the wheel as it's doing a lane change is kind of pointless of having the feature. If your hand is on the wheel then you can do your own lane change lol.

  13. When Tesla comes out with an RV Van, I will put my bed in there and sleep there overnight. In the morning 5am the van starts and takes my to work parking while I am sleeping. Then I take my breakfast and shower at 7am in the van and go to work 8am.

  14. Doing this for the last few days on a repeat free trial, amazing progress compared to before. Took me to the off and and then turned Autopilot off.
    Thanks for showing the new Autopilot setting options.
    Fabulous technology.
    Great video 👍

  15. This is cool but by no means a 'robot takeover'.
    At best, it is a driver assist. Which in its own right is very useful.
    Take the Tesla (or any other car that claims to be autonomous) out of its controlled environment or well-equipped road, and it will fail miserably.
    A car that demands outrageously expensive and labor intense upkeep of road conditions is by no stretch of the imagination autonomous. Sure, you can create an environment at an astronomical cost that will allow the autonomous car to function. But what you have then created is an immensely costly and intricate 'railroad system', not unlike the wires I've buried in my garden to guide my 'autonomous' lawnmower. But you have not created an autonomous car.
    The autonomous car is decades away (plural). Until we can create a computer that can think creatively, we will be limited to adjusting the premises (safe environment) for the car to function according to its pre-designed protocols. And that is not autonomy.

  16. Tesla In a blog post shortly after the Walter Huang accident, Tesla said it determined Huang's hands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds prior to the crash. Tesla analyzed data sent by the car in the moments before the crash. SIX Seconds!

    What is the purpose of TELSA Autopilot if you have to keep your hands on the wheel all the time? $ 8,000.00 is a lot of money for you to fight the car for control of the steering wheel.

  17. The system is AWESOME. I just started daily documenting the no confirmation lane changes. A lot of positive things for this system that is going to make life easier for all of us in traffic.


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