Thanksgiving Movies to Watch With Your Family


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  1. While there some great films listed here, this list is invalid or incomplete. The greatest holiday film out there is 'Die Hard'! Also, where is 'A Christmas Story'?! Don't forget 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Miracle on 34th Street'!

  2. How can you not include the Harry Potter marathon? All of the early ones have nice Christmas and holiday themes, which is why they play them on tv every holiday season.

  3. In Franklin, Indiana there's an old theater called the Artcraft that shows Christmas Vacation every December. Someone even brings an old Cousin Eddy looking RV. Shitter was full.

  4. There's tons of Christmas themed movies, but my one and only Thanksgiving movie has been, for years and years now, Rocky. It takes place over a number of holidays, sure, including Christmas, but the most important scene in the movie takes place on Thanksgiving.

  5. Cannot recommend Paddington enough, one of the best family films. The second one is amazing too, check out when it comes out in your country, it’s out in the UK and easily one of the best films of the year

  6. I personally enjoy watching whole movie series' with the family over the holidays. Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter series, and the Rocky movies are my favorites. Also recently been getting into the Holiday tradition of binging Netflix original shows.

  7. I always have to watch Charlie Brown, Home Alone (fave movie of all time), Elf, Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Jingle All the Way, The Santa Clause, and newer one Arthur Christmas

  8. Yes! Love seeing the Paddington love Roth! It is such a cute/fun movie it's perfect for the holidays.
    My picks: almost any of the Rodgers and Hammerstein adaptations, Elf, Enchanted, the first Harry Potter film (the others are good as well but if there are some who have never seen/read the series this one works best), Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, and The Princess Bride.

  9. Christmas Vacation It's a classic at our house as well. It's really silly/over the top but I always enjoy watching it.
    Home Alone I prefer the sequel, 'Lost in New York', but this is also a classic.
    Titanic I LOVE Spencer for mentioning this masterpiece. It's my life, my oxygen, my everything. Oh, and it's 3 hours and 6 minutes. And every minute is worth it. Oh, and one more thing: It's a 1 hour and 33 minutes romance, and a 1 hour and 26 minutes disaster/drama. I apologise, I'm a nerd.

  10. Damn Roth calling me out for avoiding my family by watching another Screen Junkies video.

    Also, Dan brought back the nostalgia by mentioning Toy Story, probably the first film I remember seeing in theaters.

  11. many good suggestions, plane train and automobiles def one i need to watch again lol has there been news on movie/tv fights? or still no offical anounment, would be amazing if pop up soon i miss them

  12. Hello all!! Teacher/Professor Denver Marshall back at it again, don’t worry I won’t drone on very long like normal, but I wanted to shout out my props to ROTH, SPENCER, and DAN! Can’t really argue with any of the movies because you all made you point and analyzed each film slightly to support said point… Touché! This is what you need, except a little more heated, for Movie Fights (or whatever you decide to replace that segment with…

    ANYWAY, just a few comments on a few of the movies. Love the Christmas Vacation and Home Alone choices, PERFECT CALLS!! Gotta LOVE Tot Story and it is easily a GREAT FAMILY FILM for any day, not just the Holidays… The Spencer, out of LEFT FIELD with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!!! WOW! GREAT CALL!! Also, gotta give props for the Titanic recommendation Because it is SO BERY TRUE!!! Like I said I loved your analysis of your movies, especially the Charlie Brown characters and how each one represents a deadly sin… it’s like 7 for children!!! Lol Honest Trailer Line??? Lol would be funny… but ya mad props on the explanations and analysis!! So now on to a few of my picks…

    I will throw a couple of other films out there… what about The Santa Clause?? I mean not a great/good movie but it DID start the Tim Allen Christmas Movement, and it’s hard to do the Holidays without a Tim Allen movie… LOL!! Another movie you missed is one that Sasha hit on in Movie Fights and obviously feels very strongly about, you all know what I am talking about… A Christmas Story!!! That is a Classic, and is an institution at my house on Christmas Eve/Day… Finally, I have to end with an Great great book/movie adaption holiday movie (DRUMROLL PLZ)… while I wanted to go less family and more fun like Reindeer Games or Die Hard, since this is a family movie thing I gotta say THE POLAR EXPRESS kills it during the holiday’s… The book was/is an institution and when they finally made the animated movie it was/is a masterpiece!!! So so good!! Well that’s it for me, I promised a shorter post than normal, so that’s it..

    This is Professor/Teacher Denver Marshall signing off… remember SJU I’m on FB under my name Denver Cody Marshall in OKLAHOMA, and on Twitter DCMarshall2, and now instagramming (even though I’m not a 100% how it works) under my name or Silas31986… hope to hear from you one day and again, as always, GREAT SHOW GUYS! Can’t wait for the next one!!

    Much love,
    The Teacher/Professor
    Denver Cody Marshall

  13. I respect that they all had varying choices based on their experiences. For thanksgiving though, how do you leave 'Dutch' off the list? The original Miracle on 34th St is also a great segue film between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and good for the whole family. Personally I would add Mystery, Alaska as my go to for Thanksgiving.

  14. The best Thanksgiving movie is easily The Addams Family Values. What other movie has an entire play based around the totally fictional version of first Thanksgiving? Who cares that it takes place at rich white people's summer camp.

  15. I am with Dan and i have picks that ive watched since childhood. The movie of choice is A Muppet Christmas Carol. This film is classic with the best songs and of course i watch the extended edition which has one more song in it.

  16. My Grandma would bring the VHS of Muppets Christmas Carol with her when she came to our house, so we never bought the movie and would only watch it with her. Such wonderful memories!

  17. My family traditional Thanksgiving movie is It's a Wonderful Life. It plays on TV every Thanksgiving and we have all see it so many times. It plays in the background and then we cook, talk, and eat while it plays.


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