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The American hits theaters on September 1st, 2010.

Cast: George Clooney, Bruce Altman, Thekla Reuten, Violante Placido

Academy Award winner George Clooney stars in the title role of this suspense thriller, filmed on location in Italy. Alone among assassins, Jack (Clooney) is a master craftsman. When a job in Sweden ends more harshly than expected for this American abroad, he vows to his contact that his next assignment will be his last. Jack reports to the Italian countryside, where he holes up in a small town and relishes being away from death for a spell. The assignment, as specified by a Belgian woman, Mathilde (Thekla Reuten of “In Bruges”), is in the offing as a weapon is constructed. Surprising himself, Jack seeks out the friendship of local priest Father Benedetto (Italian stage and screen veteran Paolo Bonacelli) and pursues romance with local woman Clara (Italian leading lady Violante Placido). But by stepping out of the shadows, Jack may be tempting fate.

The American trailer courtesy Focus Features.


  1. He could do a Splinter Cell Conviction film. Not any of the other Splinter Cells due to the fact that hes almost 50, In Conviction they say that Sam is 53 years old. In the first Splinter Cell Sam is in his early 40s.

  2. @vikmega Sean Bean, hem not seen him recently in any films.
    We saw stevenson as the punisher, don't want him do everything.
    Clooney: Perfect voice, perfect fizik, perfect carisma, as american as it gets=Sam Fisher

  3. Do not see this movie in theaters, it is not even slightly entertaining and the only thing that caught my fucking eye was the sex scenes. Personally a 1 outta 5!

  4. If your looking for a high intense action movie this isn't for you. You have to have some patience and really pay attention to enjoy it and understand the whole thing, it has a fucking sick ass story line to it, lol


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