The Avengers Movie Update: Production Set For 2011

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The Avengers goes into production early next year. We have the details up next.

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The Avengers turns up the heat, moving forward with production. The film will begin shooting in February.

The Avengers cast assembled for the first time at this year’s Comic-Con, and Director Joss Whedon will soon have the team on film. The Marvel movie boasts an all-star cast, including Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Don Cheadle.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4, 2012. But before then, Marvel Studios is releasing two other films. Thor makes its debut on May 6, 2011 and Captain America: The First Avenger will be released next summer on July 22nd.

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  1. christ next year will be awesome for comic movies, green lantern, green hornet, thor, captain america, cowboys vs aliens and i think a movie where geoffrey rush is agenst ninjas….damn i love films

  2. @raydizzle030487 He doesn't, but I'm sure they'll find a way to justify that. Besides, in the thick of battle, I'm sure he's not too adverse.

  3. @dave2extreme
    In the comics spidey joined almost 50 years later in team's history..but on the second or 3rd sequal of the movie he would be accaptable…but then again my all time favorite wolverine fighting alongside him would be a scene to remmember:)

  4. @carlosguy20 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Bana's Hulk was terrible. It ranks as one of the worst marvel movies of all time. WHy do you think they rebooted it with En Norton. Ed said the Bana verson sucked and was gald his mvie was a reboot and not a sequel.

  5. @carlosguy20 I said it was one of the worst marvel movies of all time not the worst. IT WAS NOT A SEQUEL!! I listened to the director's commentary and he said that Ed would NEVER HAVE DONE THE MOVIE IF IT WAS A SEQUEL!!For chists sake the orgin was not the same of the Hulk's powers were not the same.
    The director says it was not a sequel. Ed Norton says it was not a sequel. Therefore it was a reboot. You are stating an opinion. I am stating a fact.

  6. @carlosguy20 If you want to like the Bana film and hate the Norton one, that is your opinion. But Majority of Hulk fans like the remake better than the Bana one. Bana's was too big and too CGI. It didn'ty feel real. The asorbing man looked terrible. He looks better in the Avengers cartoon than in the movie. Also He was never Hulk's father. That was stupid.

  7. @carlosguy20 In the Bana film Ross wanted to kill the Hulk. In the Norton one Ross wanted to use him as a weapon. There is a differnece. Your opinion is difgferent from the majority because you are one of the few who liked the first Hulk movie. Just because you liked it does not change that it was a bad film.

  8. @Fridaythe18th he is, but he is also less known, and he's… not quite the hero type – don't get me wrong he's my favourite character, but spider-man is just the goody goody that would be in the avengers.

  9. @Fridaythe18th The point I was trying to make was that the Ed Norton Hulk is a reboot not a sequel to the Eric Bana one. I brought up the director's commentary as proof. You can dispute an opinion you may have about the movie's but not the director's commentary.

  10. @dave2extreme SPiderman was not one of the orginal Avengers. He comes in later. The Spiderman franchise is being rebooted with a new director so he will not be in this Avengers film.

  11. @dave2extreme The new Spiderman film will have a new Peter Parker. Yeah I know, I liked Tobey too but a new director means a new cast. Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker now. He was in the Imaginarium of Dr Paranuss. He did good in the film so he might be a good Parker. Uncle Ben will be Martin Sheen and Aunt Mae is Sally Fields. Emma Stone (Zombieland) will be Gwen Stacy. She is actually a natural blond. The red hair, she usually has, is coloring. She is going back to blond for this one.

  12. next moves they sould make – avengers 2 – iron man 3 – ant man – black panther
    nick fury – black widow origins – she hulk – captain america 2 – hawkeye

  13. The studio is putting a lot of trust on the pull of the movies, huh? Well, so far Thor is doing GREAT. And the new X-Men movie looks OK. Add a successful Captain America and you MIGHT have a shadow of the incredible franchise Lord of the Rings was. I mean, that is what all studios dream with, isn't it?

  14. why did they replaced the hulk charater , i mean , they made a remake of hulk and now a new hulk charater will apear ??? -.- this is the 3 hulk charater in 3 hulk movies -.-

  15. Every marvel character should be in the movie. we have been waiting for this movie in years cuz they have been making the marvel character movies. Hulk, spiderman, iron man, capt America, Thor, green lantern( he is also part of marvel), daredevil, X-MEN,…MORE

  16. @6oobs ime dont think that they do this just to piss me off , its just strange , they could just talk about future movies of hulk with the actor before shotintg the scenes, kuz now the avengers movies is coming and they have a new actor for hulk XD

  17. Why do ppl think that EVERY superhero from Marvel AND DC should be on the avengers? The avengers isnt a "throw everyone in there" team like JLU, its (supposed to be) kind of exclusive, by invite only.


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