The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season 1 Review


Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a sprawling fantasy prequel to the 1982 Jim Henson/Frank Oz movie that will equally delight and disturb. Check out our review of Season 1.

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  1. Ok IGN I'm not sure what has changed over these years but I'm pretty sure you guys don't actually do your research when it comes to these reviews. Your reasons for not liking things have become laughable. GGs I'm out!!

  2. Something about the new Gelfling faces keeps me from connecting to the characters in the same way the movie did. It is all so beautiful, but their features and skin seem too ' plastic ' (?). I want to LOVE this but I can't, and it IS just this one hang-up I can not shake.

  3. When I watched the Trailer it kinda scared me but when I showed my mum the trailer she told me about the original movie and said this thing can get dark so she wants to watch it with me later and that's why I'm watching this vid

  4. Yo I am memorized!!!! The beauty and scenery of The Dark Crystal mannn!!! Netflix i bow down to you delivering something to epic. I cant wait till someone creates a Legend of Zelda movie knowing now it can be done 😢😢😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. DYING to watch this after work. This review's "critiques" makes me want to watch it even more. Basically its everything fantasy or Dark Crystal fans want, got it.

  6. By overshadowing the original is your complaint? That dosent make any sense, you can have never watched any of them and watched the new one first then the original and think the new one is better, that's more of an opinion than a review

  7. Yeah compare this movie with Game of Thrones… Jeez – like comparing Die Hard with The Muppet Show… I am glad its not only computer animations with this movie. How old is the narrator of this video? Did you actually experience it in 1982 or just watched it recently to making this video?

  8. Just seen the first episode and there is a lot going on. The opening 10 minutes put me off with all the grand effects and there is an odd disconnect between the characters and their voices. As the plot develops I did enjoy parts of it but at the end of the hour I don’t feel in any hurry to watch any more although I most probably will. Putting well known voices in may have been a mistake, I can’t help but hear the Joker every time the scientist speaks.

  9. So far so great – A very nice blend of practical and CGI effects, The story is interesting and entertaining, and The detail in all the different life forms is out of this world. I would compare the overshadowing to the likes of Alien compared to Aliens (more awesomeness)
    The Dark Crystal-Age of Resistance brings a new spin on an old way of story telling. Henson lives ….
    Bravo Netflix and Henson Studios Bravo 👏

  10. I still need to start on the prequel, but I've seen the original though & I love the original + I like how for a family film it's dark but the story really is interesting. I know I might sound dumb here, but if anyone has started the series but haven't seen the movie yet, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Also comparing a family-friendly movie/TV series to Game of Thrones, really?

  11. The only thing im worried about is they might pull of a Rogue One ending where every main character dies, hopefully they dont go that route because it would build up every main character up to nothing, remember Jen was told that he was the last "known" grefling, doesnt mean he is the last, he found Kira right? Season 1 is a success in my eyes but I am worried about season 2+

  12. Seen 2 episodes so far. I am totally enthralled. It's just pure magic on a tv screen. Everything from puppetry, visuals, music and voice acting is so beyond masterclass almost. It's like you are there, living within these wonderful sceneries populated with all its wonderful beings.

    And like a storm of fresh arctic air it cools you of in a dessert trodden cinematic landscape made of over abundant CGI.

  13. I guess what perplexed me was not this review but the beginning storyline of this prequel. In the original movie the Skeksies and the Mystics were actually one being who,through their decadence and arrogance,split into two versions of themselves and cracked the crystal and a dark age began with the Gelflings being rendered extinct(or so we think). This beginning storyline states that the skeksies are from another world who come and influence the gelflings to allow them to assume control of the crystal and it goes from there. Now,mind you, I have only watched episode one so I may be getting ahead of myself here. That is just my initial impression so far and I like the effects and the puppet-tronics(this was my favorite movie growing up) and I like that they rekindled it into a series.

  14. I’m only two episodes in, but why are their fewer Skeksis than at the start of the original film? There were 10 (including The Emporer), so where the other two (plus The General is unrecognizable and The Collector is a pus covered mess) from everything I read there were 18 Urskeks when the crystal cracked, so what’s going on?

  15. Has this reviewer even seen the original film?
    First 5 minutes in and they changed the lore of the film.
    The intro says that the Skeksis persuaded Oagrah to leave the Pure Crystal.
    But the film shows that the Skeksis & Mystics are the light and dark halves OF THE SAME SPECIES, split 1000 years earlier, when they themselves split the crystal.
    To be honest, feels like a Disney move … lets use the bits of the story we can and ignore/rewrite the rest.

  16. Oh, and this review simply shows the reviewer either wasn't around when the original was released, or simply lacks any real imagination. I guess if the Gelflings sat around watching FB she might have rated it higher..

  17. These people on the sidelines commentating. They dont even have the ability to pull off masterpieces, much less any authority to act as if they are qualified to form opinion.
    Just started watching it and its A Mazing!!!!!👍

  18. Having now watched the first 2 episodes, I can say the reviewer is really exaggerating the “negative impact” to the perception of the movie. It’s a great story so far and it’s quite obvious that the destruction of Thra is going to take away all this majesty and what we see in the Dark Crystal film will give new context into the wasteland that Thra has become. The TV show makes sure you notice how alive this land around the main castle is for instance… to underscore just how desolate it becomes in the movie.

  19. I binged the series and then watched the movie after since the series is a prequel, and rewatching the movie now I understand quite a lot of things that I didn’t before thanks to the new series. Hope for season 2 and also saw some Easter eggs in season 1 from the movie, was absolutely amazing.

  20. Stop Comparing The Dark Crystal to GOT and LOTR. Age of Resistance is Epic and Beautifully and Artfully done. I loved every minute of it. Hell i want more of it. I am lad the used Puppets and stuff like The Original Dark Crystal instead of CGI. Jim Henson's Daughter did this to Carry on her Father's Legacy and She did. He would be Proud.

  21. I've watched the movie lots of times over the years, since l first saw it as a child back in the early 80s. And now, I just finished watching season 1 of The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance on Netflix , and can't wait for season 2 to come out a year from now. And now l'm off watch the making of the series now.

  22. Being better than the original was their whole plan. Your review is lackluster. And comparing it to GoT is is a bad approach since Dark Crystal was actually incredible, and GoT has lost most fans lol. Should of been a 9.5…

  23. I prefer the Original. Watching the Series is like pulling teeth and its so drawn out! A 2hr storyline dragged out to 10hr+ (That's just season 1 and not even finished).

  24. It's, as someone called it, "an embarrassment of riches," but it is not without some problems.
    It works fine in the beginning on a Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings level, and it does make a mildly interesting detour in the third act to Star Trek's Borg plot, but it does suffer from pacing and filler issues. The production values are old school and excellent, but one could easily cut about two chapter's worth of filler from the series and produce a much better and tighter 8 episodes instead of 10.


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