The Dark Crystal: Netflix Prequel From Hulk Director!


A Dark Crystal prequel series is coming from The Jim Henson Company and The Incredible Hulk director Louis Letterier!

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  1. First off, I'm totally OD-ing on pure nostalgia right now!!! Just saw the teaser, big fan of the movie ever since my brother & I both saw it as little kids & I'm frickin' excited that they're actually making a TV series based on it & on Netflix no less? Total geek out 🙂

    The one weird thing is that they hired as the showrunner the guy behind The Transporter, The Incredible Hulk & Now You See Me??? Those are all fun movies but he seems like a very very unusual choice to direct a show like this!!! I agree with the folks on this video that someone like Guillermo Del Toro would be much better suited to helm a Dark Crystal show!!! You know who else besides Mr Del Toro would be a perfect fit for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance in my opinion? Alfonso Cueron, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson & Christopher Nolan!!! Louis Letterier is a decent director & all but does he actually have any kind of experience managing & directing animatronic animation & puppetry because by the looks of the trailer, Netflix & The Jim Henson Company are thankfully keeping the same classic old school style that made the original classic what it is today for The New Dark Crystal which is exactly how it should be!!!

  2. This was one of my most favorite movies growing up, and still is. I never thought it was scary, but I can understand why some people would be afraid.

  3. I agree, I probably be considerably more optimistic if Guillermo del Toro was involved. The Dark Crystal, one of my all time favorite movies as a child in the 80's. Even now, watching it after all these years I'm amazed how much love Jim Henson put into the movie.

  4. Who here downloaded the Dark Crystal: rough cut which was on youtube a few years back? The original version was darker even and its tone not so light PG and was more of a; PG-13 in tone. Watch it again, then this prequel comes along.

  5. If the netflix miniseries for the dark crystal turns out to be a hit, and I'm pretty sure it will, they should work with the Jim Henson company on the second dark crystal movie and finish it.

  6. The cause of death of the two emperors in the movie – this will no doubt be explored in the series. I think the best approach there is to pick up on things that seem insinuated in the movie – either intentionally or unintentionally – and use that as a base for the causes of death. Star Wars and Star Trek built up a huge fanbase on this sort of thing … and it even spawned countless novels.

  7. I am seriously skeptical about this one- digital effects makes me quite worried. I once made a large skeksis rod puppet at a puppet theater in Norfolk where Jim Henson has a named tile. I really, really hope they get this right. Does anyone know if Frank Oz is involved? That'll decide it for me I think.

  8. Why is everyone suddenly coming out of Henson's closet? No one mentioned one word of liking Jim Henson or any Muppet movie when they talk about their favorite films or directors but now All-of-a-sudden everyone is a Dark Crystal and Jim Henson fan. Haha it's like The New York Mets all over again. not that many people were fans of the Mets or proud to say they were until they won the World Series IN 86'. I hate fake fans that only jump on the bandwagon when things get good or become popular. I've always LOVE Jim Henson's work and was very sad when he past. I've never til this day stop loving his work and watch his stuff at least once a month. Power to the TRUE Jim Henson fans!

  9. The first Ang Lee 'The Hulk" was spectacular and I loved it but that Marvel remake "The Incredible Hulk" was absolute garbage and I cant say enough bad things about it. And, like she said, the original Clash of the titans is still one of my favorites and the new ones are fun to watch, I suppose, but really terrible remakes so I have to say that I am disappointed deep down in my soul to know that the Jerk who ruined those movies is going to ruin the Dark Crystal too. What a damn waist!~

  10. love the dark crystal saw this in my recommended list….watched maybe 2minutes of this vid an had to stop omg the chick in the middle pulling all kinds of faces whilst talking fml >_<

  11. +ScreenJunkies News – For folks looking for more information about the 2017/2018 production (series prequel to 'The Dark Crystal' (1982)), we (@LookieShow) pulled some details from the Netflix press release:

    * Artist Brian Froud, the original feature's conceptual designer, will be involved in character design.
    * The series will use both practical effects (puppetry) and digital imagery (CGI).
    * The series will be 10 episodes long.
    * The series will be a prequel, with events set prior to the ones depicted in 'The Dark Crystal' (1982).
    * Jim Henson's Creature Shop is building the figures.
    * Co-executive producers Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews ('Life in a Year'), and Javier Grillo-Marxuach ('Lost,' 'The 100') to head the scriptwriting team.
    * 'The Dark Crystal…' (2018) will be filmed in the U.K.

    Information from: 'Netflix Announces "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance," A Prequel Series to the Groundbreaking Jim Henson Film,' Netflix press release, May 2017.

    Presumably, the series will be available to Netflix (streaming service) subscribers, although the press release doesn't mention if the series will be available worldwide/in all regions. Twitter updates – images, release date, video clips, etc. – on the project are most likely to be posted here: @DarkCrystal.

  12. The shear enormity of this is mind blowing. Taking my favorite movie from my childhood and attempting to make a series? And a prequel at that…I don't know. But with the talent they have behind this I am holding onto hope. I hope they don't screw this up!

  13. I'm excited, but I'm also worried. That teaser, at the end of it, the Skeksi was wearing very sci-fi looking armor, but this is supposed to be high fantasy! Even Augra, with her planetarium, was the most scientific person there, really, and she was still very esoteric and magical – as part of, rather than in spite of. It was an age of WONDER, not an age of SCIENCE. The Skeksis wore elaborate robes, and if they had wore anything armor-like at all, then it was always very organic. Carapace from giant bugs like the Gartham. Bones. They had spines along their backs – which you can see when they stripped the Chamberlain. (That was horrifying to see, btw.) I have concerns that the modern aesthetic is going to be imposed upon this classic and… I really don't want this potentially wonderful thing to be completely ruined by, effectively, bad costume decisions. That's what I'm worried about.

  14. One of my favorite movies since i was 4 for 31 years and one of the movies that made me a Sci-fi/fantasy geek! plus came out in the year i was born which was a great year for geek culture movies, the movie has one of the best scores ever as i own the 2-disc CD soundtrack and it's Henson's masterpiece (I like Labyrinth don't get me wrong but i think TDC is a better movie).

    This prequel show should be interesting like the graphic novels and books telling the history of Thra, gelfling society, how the crystal cracked, how Skeksis declaired war and all that. Should be nice with practical effects returning with little CGI.

  15. Feck'n droooling for it… gives it to me…NOW!… and yes… the pressure is on NETFLIX to deliver and not destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of fans out there! Or there will be a Haakskeekah!!!

  16. Knowing nothing as of yet regarding the upcoming series plot I can't wait for a screen junkies movie or tv fight for the voice cast. I REALLY want the Farscape cast. They absolutely must have Claudia Black, her voice is unmistakable and she just keeps doing awesome characters. And OMG can you imagine Wayne Pygram as a Skeksis? If you don't know these actors for their work the power of you tube is before you. Look up Scorpius Farscape, THAT is your villain.

  17. Pet Peeve: Why do shows like this tend to gripe on a director/actor if they aren't the obvious choice? It is possible to have more than one skill set when given the opportunity. Like in football, more than the wide receiver can score a touchdown!

  18. We didn't wait til the next conjunction, but it sure felt that way. When I joined IMDb 12 years ago, it was mainly due to keep up with news about the now defunct plan of "The Power of the Dark Crystal" sequel. Since 2005, it kept on getting pushed back and back and even, a San Diego Comic Con panel was added in '09 but to no avail. But this is definitely a great idea which took 35 years in the making, I'm just glad I'm stil young enough to live and see it.

  19. Is Brian Henson still working? Why isn't he directing this series? It doesn't annoy me as much as not knowing the official release date of this netflix original series.

  20. NOOOoooo they don't have a Del Toro look.They have the origional look.Watch his Hulk movie again.The tones are quite like the Dark Crystal.NTFLIX doesn't pick the director.It's HE that most likely topok this off the SPIRIG's hands.It's ALL HENSON and the artists from the OG.that are to be creditted.This project is what we been waiting for for 36 years.You are not helping.Recommend this highly….or we'll be stuck with more garbage.Plus the Origional Movie went over-buget to like 30 million which would be about 200 million before advertising before it's release.Lucky to be seeing this project finally.Cunts.

  21. It's about time they're doing something about this. I grew up watching this movie with my family and this has been one of my best movies ever. I always wondered when they were going to make a presequel to this instead of a sequel because it makes you wondered how did it all started. And then a sequel later on. But why is it not done for a movie is it because they think it won't appeal to the younger generation. I think when they send out the trailer in the theater they would get a huge response no matter what the age is.

  22. One thing that will be interesting is to see how many Skeksis there will be. In the movie it said, for a thousand years they have ruled – but now there are only ten. It seems they can die of old age as the emperor did. How many will die from Gelfling hands though.

  23. More rich storytelling… or a good story that's drawn out too far with a lot of filler. Also, the original film took many years to craft, and they put so much immense detail into every frame, which is what made it feel so immersive and real. I'm just afraid that trying to do TEN EPISODES is going to dilute it.

  24. Will the spongebob/mickeyXtream/LoudHouse/NinjaTurtle/PowerRanger ultra hyper xtream in your face flash and dazzle generation of children actually like this puppet and animatronic format? Or will they see it as just too slow and boring?

  25. I just want to see them do the Skeksis in addition to the core ten of the film. The Skeksis from the Tokyo Pop manga, the prequel graphic novel and original ones created for the series to be added to the canon. That goes for Mystics as well. Being spread out more than a movie leads to more material to cover.

  26. and 10? huh? wow I'm outraged when a show is this short. I may as well not even watch it if its ten or 13. I guess you people don't like shows from the 80s or 90s. Seasons were super long. Its why they lasted so long. Do you morons even understand why they get canceled? People forget about them because they watch 10 episodes and have to wait OVER a year, not even a direct year from when they premiered because they always always change the premier date they don't even stick with a legit time frame like the classics use to.

  27. I am so happy theye are doing a revamp of the dark crystal. i cant wait to see what the skeksis besides skektec look like, he was seen in the trailer. i have watched this movie so many times, i love the puppets, and the creatures and im only fifteen heh lol. when people say they dont know what the dark crystal is, i say what kind of childhood did you have. as well as my friend has a small wafflemaker named fizgig, because when it opens up it is huge, and looks like fizgig.

  28. It’s worth reading “Shadows of the Dark Crystal” and “Song of the Dark Crystal” by J. M. Lee. He won a competition to write the official prequel books and is involved in the Netflix production of “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” as a staff writer and creative consultant.


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